Monday, August 31, 2009

Hr. Ms. Evertsen refueled at sea in Saudi Navy

Hr. Ms. Evertsen refueled at sea in Saudi Navy
August 31, 2009, 11.44 hours (Google Translation)

Hr. Ms. Evertsen, flagship of the Dutch EU mission Atalanta, yesterday conducted a marine supply. This was first done with a supply ship from Saudi Arabia, the KSAS Yunbou.

The supply, needed for the longer the frigate afloat, took place in the part of the Gulf of Aden where the ships passing Evertsen protect against pirates. During refueling, this task through. Keep the maritime patrol aircraft in the eye and the helicopter is ready to continue with a report of a suspected piracy of ship immediately into action.

Intensive patrolling
Each day about 60 merchant ships crossing the sea that Hr. Ms. Ever Sten assigned. The Dutch Navy ship is, by itself and with the helicopter actively patrolling the area free of potential pirates.

The staff of the mission is on the frigate. From the ship sends the Dutch commander Peter Binds 10 other ships, 10 helicopters and 4 aircraft on patrol in the fight against piracy.

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