Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hr. Ms. Mercuur last night made a strong commitment to a fire on board the coastguard tug Waker under control. The torpedo working vessel of the Royal Navy led the rescue operation. The major fire raged in the engine room of the Walter, who currently 5 kilometer northwest of Vlieland was anchored. Upon arrival at this place took the Mercuur in consultation with the Coast Guard center in Den Helder coordinating the rescue operation itself. The nurse of the naval ship provided medical assistance to the crew. The Coast Guard ships could be rushed initially just outside the wet and cool, because all external doors were closed. Five soldiers of the Mercuur were then heat-resistant clothing for the fire board to coordinate work. It locks on the fuel off the ship. The Navy team was later relieved by the now regular firefighters arrived and salvage specialists. Hr. Ms. Mercuur wore the overall coordination of the action after about 5 hours to the coast guard vessel Barend Biesheuvel. The naval crew of the ship took 6 Waker back to Den Helder.

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