Friday, October 16, 2009

Large landing ship of the Black Sea Fleet "Caesar Kunikov" is conducting a cruise in the Mediterranean Sea

Large landing ship (LLS) "Caesar Kunikov " of Russia's Black Sea Fleet under command of Captain 2 Rank Sergey Larchuk having successfully overcome the zone of the Straits, reached the Mediterranean Sea. The chief of staff of the formation of surface ships of the fleet Captain 1 Rank Sergey Zinchenko was appointed as the commander of expedition.
Between tasks of the long voyage the crew will visit the ports of Greece and Italy.
The first port of call of Russia's craft will be the island of Kerkyra (Corfu), staying in which traditionally is confined to days of remembrance of the famous Admiral Fyodor Ushakov and the first President of Greece Ioannis Capodistria.
In the port of Pylos the crew of Russia's craft will take part in celebrations to mark the 182nd anniversary of victory in the battle of Navarin (Oct. 8, 1827). On this day, the Allied fleet defeated the Turkish-Egyptian fleet at the time of the national Greek uprising of 1821-1829.
During the voyage’s month the ship will visit three ports: in Greece - Piraeus, "sea gate" of Athens, and two ports in Italy - Taranto and Civitavecchia.
During the informal visit to the port of Piraeus, the commanders, officers, staff and crew of the cruise staff LLS Caesar Kunikov "will visit the cemetery of Russian sailors, will meet with representatives of civilian and military authorities, the Greek public.
LLS "Caesar Kunikov" will take part in the annual Russo-Italian exercises "Ioniex-2009", in which it is planned to conduct a joint exercise of maneuvering, organising pilotage, conducting initial screening operation, assisting a ship in distress, protecting a ship from external threats.

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