Thursday, January 28, 2010

Charles de Gaulle's "Pedro"

The sun never sets on the 35F (Google translation)

Helicopters Dauphin the Navy has two main tasks. The Dauphin said "Pedro" ensure the protection of the crews of aircraft movements during catapult launch and landing day and night aboard the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle . Finally, Dauphin public service are responsible themselves, research, rescue and rescue at sea and government missions at sea and the fishing police. Zoom in on this last responsibility of the posting 35 F La Rochelle.

The posting of public service of the 35th Fleet Air Arm of La Rochelle can be deployed on nearly 440 kilometers of coastline, from Saint-Nazaire to the Spanish border, and beyond if necessary. The six men of the detachment performing the mission of public service in this vast area twenty-four hours in twenty-four and seven days a week, trimmed for takeoff.

The alert was given by the Regional Operational monitoring and rescue Etel. It's the commotion: agitation orderly run-gestures. The Dauphin takes off in 15-20 minutes 35-40 minutes day and night and can interfere with a radius of 300 kilometers.

The detachment consists of two teams of 6 persons: 2 pilots, 1 winch, 1 diver and 2 mechanics. If necessary, a doctor may take place aboard the DauphinAs for medical evacuation missions. The mechanics themselves, remain on the ground and provide maintenance and servicing of the machine. The team is held every 15 days.

The main tasks of Dauphin are:

Search and Rescue at Sea

technical assistance to ships

The Dauphin also involved in the monitoring of pollution, fisheries, land relief and hospital transfers.

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