Wednesday, February 10, 2010

French Navy participates in NATO anti-submarine exercise

The Navy will participate in the 2010 edition of Exercise Noble Manta, the largest exercise anti-submarine warfare (ASW) of NATO, which takes place off Sicily from 10 to 24 February. Ten NATO countries will send 7 submarines, 18 airplanes and helicopters on board and 8 buildings surface.A this occsaion, Frigate anti-submarine Jean de Vienne and two maritime patrol aircraft Atlantic 2 will be made available by France.
Noble Manta 2010 is an exercise in tactical level, focusing on the actual activities at the unit level or groups of units. Moreover, it is intended to provide operational training for the roles and missions NATO Response Force (NRF).
Scheduled once a year, it is an exercise to test the doctrines, new operational equipment and enhance interoperability between participating forces, through joint training, familiarization with the procedures of the NATO and the opportunity to learn about the capabilities of each. Participants have the opportunity to implement the tactics and methods used in actual operations.
The exercise takes place without pre-established scenario but in the context of cycles in order to provide equal opportunities training to all participants. Submarines switch roles each round. For this 2010 edition, the objectives of Noble Manta are:
  • Action-submarine - submarine in a bit noisy
  • Non-Action-scripted with multi-dimensional threats,
  • Anti-ASM "hard" (limited to non-kinetic options to manage the threat submarine)
  • ASM-Air operations under threat anti-aircraft.


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