Tuesday, April 27, 2010

HMS Ark Royal Update – 2100 21 April 2010

London April 22, 2010 - HMS Ark Royal departed her base port of Portsmouth on 6 April to take part in a multi-national maritime exercise off the west coast of Scotland, prior to deploying to the western Atlantic for further training with the United States and French Navies.
Whilst off the coast of Scotland, in light of the Icelandic volcanic activity and the difficulty of returning British personnel from continental Europe, HMS Ark Royal was retasked to head south and poise ready to assist recovery operations if required.
HMS Ark Royal was due to enter HM Naval Base Clyde in Scotland on Friday, on completion of the initial training package, before proceeding across the Atlantic. HMS Ark Royal has now been released from recovery operations to allow her to complete preparations for the trans-Atlantic voyage. Due to HMS Ark Royal’s current position in the English Channel, the pre-sailing preparations will now take place in Portsmouth and not HM Naval Base Clyde. In the meantime, other RN units remain poised to assist recovery of personnel if required.
HMS Ark Royal is currently the nation’s strike carrier, giving the Royal Navy the capability to deploy anywhere in the world at immediate notice.
HMS Ark Royal Commanding Officer, Capt John Clink OBE said, “My Ship’s Company is proud to have been requested to assist and were looking forward to having our guests onboard. HMS Albion’s entry into Portsmouth on Wednesday evening was fantastic and really highlights the versatility and ‘can do’ spirit of our sailors, Royal Marines and aircrew. We now look forward to joining HMS Sutherland, HMS Liverpool and RFA Fort George in our multi-national exercise with the French Submarine, FS Perle, and the US Destroyer, USS BARRY, in addition to the United States Marine Corps. Zeal Does Not Rest!”

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