Monday, May 31, 2010

Chinese naval escort taskforce entrusts merchant ship with replenishment

The site of replenishment (Photo by Li Jianhong)

On May 29, local time, 20 tons of replenishment materials transported by the “Guyuhe” merchant ship of the Shanghai Ocean Shipping Company Ltd. which was entrusted by the Navy of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) were smoothly delivered to the 5th Chinese naval escort taskforce in the sea area south to the Gulf of Aden. This was the first time for the 5th Chinese naval escort taskforce to have its warships replenished by relying on merchant ship and also the biggest by-pass replenishment made by a merchant ship since the taskforce began to perform escort task.
As the side of the big tonnage “Guyuhe” merchant ship is high, the ship could not approach the warships. Therefore, the whole replenishment was done through the transfer by small boats. To speed up the material transfer, the “Chaohu” warship and the “Weishanhu” warship were anchored side by side. Each of the warships sent two small boats to transfer the materials. The whole replenishment lasted for more than 8 hours.
There were fruits, frozen goods, vegetables, seasoning and staple foods in this replenishment. Chen Yuebin, captain of the “Guyuhe” merchant ship, told the reporters that to ensure the quality of the replenishment, the Quartermaster, Materials and POL Department of the Logistics Department of the PLA Navy used refrigerated container for the first time.
The relevant person in charge of the Logistics Department of the PLA Navy told the reporters that the logistics supply of the naval escort taskforce had formed a rather complete “ocean-going supply chain” including maritime accompanying support, regular replenishment in port and by-pass replenishment by merchant ships.

By Li Jianhong and Zhang Qi

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