Monday, May 31, 2010

Coast Guard conducts second overflight to assess safety of Russian researchers more than 500 miles from Point Barrow

KODIAK, Alaska - A Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak HC-130 Hercules aircrew conducted a second overflight of the Russian North Pole 37 Station Saturday evening to reassess the safety of the Russian researchers more than 500 miles northeast of Point Barrow.
The Kodiak-based aircrew flew to the last known postion of the research station, discovered the camp had moved and reestablished communications with the research team. The researchers reported they were well supplied, in no immediate distress and were preparing for the arrival of the Rossiya, an Arktika-class Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker, which was reported being only two days out.
The 17th Coast Guard District obtained information from a website about May 18 that 15 researchers at the Russian station were being threatened by shifting ice. The first overflight that was conducted successfully made contact with the research team and it was reported they were in good condition, well supplied and waiting for the Russian icebreaker.

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