Thursday, January 13, 2011

United States Marine Corps Page Surpasses One Million Fans on Facebook

Washington January 13, 2011 - The United States Marine Corps – America's Expeditionary Force in Readiness committed to the protection of Americans and their interests at home and abroad – recently surpassed one million fans on its recruiting command's Facebook page.
The Marine Corps Recruiting Command's (MCRC) Facebook page currently has more "likes" than any other official military service page.
The recruiting command launched its Facebook page ( in 2008, becoming the first branch of the military with an official page. Posts made to the Facebook page have been viewed more than 73.8 million times with more than 420,000 interactions ("comments" and "likes") over the last 12 months. The recruiting command is increasingly using social networking sites to connect and communicate with potential Marines, Marine parents, supporters, and those capable of influencing the enlistment decision.
"The Marine Corps consists of the few and the proud – an elite and diverse group of men and women who are always faithful to our nation, the Marine Corps and each other, and we want to share our story with as many people as possible," said Lieutenant Colonel Darrin Kazlauskas, Assistant Chief of Staff for Advertising, MCRC. "Facebook and other social media serve critical communication functions that enable us to reach our prospects more directly."
Facebook is part of the Marine Corps' integrated multimedia communication platform for its recruiting efforts that includes YouTube, Twitter and MySpace. The United States Marine Corps' Facebook page provides an open, interactive space for users to engage and connect with the Corps. People that "like" the page opt-in to receive a steady stream of posts regarding Marine Corps subjects, such as its history, training, enlistment, gear and missions.
To help share the story of the Marine Corps and provide a more immersive experience, MCRC recently launched two new tabs and a custom Marine Corps-branded Facebook application:
The Marines tab was created to provide a more targeted and engaging content experience for new and active users. The Marines tab provides relevant videos, applications and links to other Marine Corps websites and social properties, and helps direct users to additional information. It also encourages users to join the conversation by posting on the wall, where many prospects and parents ask questions of the community about serving as one of America's Few.
For those ready to take the next step, the Join the Few tab directs users to the appropriate form to request more information and contact a recruiter. If users still have questions about service they are directed to our discussion board that is actively moderated.
From prospects considering service, to parents whose children have recently deployed, many users on the page have expressed interest in connecting with others in the Marine Corps family. Marine Connect helps facilitate those connections by enabling users to proclaim their affiliation with the Corps and search for and discover others that share the same passion for the organization. The application uses a map tool that gives users the ability to pin-point their current city, forming virtual networks of Marines, potential Marines and Marine Corps supporters from coast to coast.

A few fans of MCRC's Facebook page shared their stories of how they interact with the page, below:
Sean Wayne Sebastian: I enlisted on November 10th, 2010, the Marine Corps 235th birthday. The first comment I read on this website was regarding the Marine Corps birthday and I felt honored to enlist on the day the Marine Corps was born. I start basic at Parris Island, SC. on February 23, 2011.
Jeffrey Hensley: The United States Marine Corps Facebook page has allowed for me to continue towards my goal to becoming a Marine Officer. I am currently in 10th grade, and looking towards the Naval Academy as my place of choice to start off my life in the military. Because of this page and the Marine Connect application, I have figured out answers to questions on the Academy, and what to do, and how to get accepted, that I wouldn't have figured out anywhere else. Thank You USMC, I cannot wait for my day to come. Semper Fi, and God Bless.
Halley Hogan: I already know I'm going to be a Marine, but this page has been great for keeping me posted on everything going on in the Marine Corps, from the troops in Afghanistan to Toys for Tots. It also helped me make the decision between NROTC and just enlisting after high school, which is something I was having trouble with. I've also decided to recommend that my parents look at this page, to show them that not only am I serious about becoming a Marine, but I'm also completely sure that it's the right thing for me to do, and I want them to know that. In short, this page is amazing! Semper Fi!


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