Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Merton H. Mangold: US Navy Hero From 1918

US Navy Museum photo

While serving as a Pharmacist's Mate First Class with the Second Battalion, Sixth Regiment (Marines), Second Division, AEF, Merton H. Mangold saw action against the enemy at Imecourt, France, on 1 November 1918.  During that action, an enemy shell landed near a group of officers at an advanced point.   The blast killed one and wounded others.   Mangold bravely crossed the open field, which was under intense fire, administered first aid, then carried the officers to a place of safety.  For actions such as this in WWII, Corpsmen received the Medal of Honor.   The quality of the image, and his service, make this the scan of the day.  One can see the Navy Cross in the image.   He is pictured later as a Chief Pharmacist's Mate.

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