Monday, January 28, 2013

Satellite communications are a value to a business not a cost

Frank ColesShips owners and managers could make significant operational efficiencies if they spend a little more on satellite communications.
That's the message for 2013 from Frank Coles, President of Inmarsat Maritime (pictured right).
"Shipping has been in recession like the rest of the global economy since 2008 - yet continued to deliver more ships than the maritime world requires - and no change is in sight for 2013," said Frank, who has 34 years' experience in the maritime industry.
Innovative approach
"The over-capacity in the market has forced ship operators to look at all sorts of ways of saving costs or operating their vessels more effectively.

"Innovative ship owners and managers are also looking at how they can use technology to save money by operating more efficiently."
"Communications are a key part of those technology solutions ­- hence the term we've coined at Inmarsat - 'communications are a value not a cost'."
Maritime viewpoint
Having started his career as a deck officer, Frank, who is a qualified master mariner, believes he can see satellite communications services through a ship owner's eyes.

He combines his maritime knowledge with significant expertise in communications having been Chief Executive and President of satellite communications provider Globe Wireless, before joining Inmarsat in 2011.
"We have spent a lot of time at Inmarsat in the last 12 months tailoring our solutions and pricing plans to offer ship operators high volumes of data," he said.
Best price
"We will be offering a rich set of FleetBroadband packages this year, including FleetBroadband Unlimited, which will offer customers the cheapest price per megabyte of data in Inmarsat's history."

The package will build on the company's innovations for the maritime market during the past 12 months, which include:
  • XpressLink - a fully-integrated Ku-band and L-band solution for a fixed monthly cost that supports always-on data speeds of up to 768kbps - with a committed information rate of 192kbps when VSAT service is active
  • FleetBroadband Multi-voice - which supports up to nine simultaneous high-quality voice lines through a single terminal, enabling crew members to take personal calls away from the bridge.
In the pipeline
Frank also revealed two of the new solutions and services coming in 2013:

  • New billing system benefits - including FleetBroadband Multi-voice individual handset billing
  • FleetBroadband Lite - a terminal for the fishing and leisure sector positioned between IsatPhone Pro, Inmarsat's handheld satellite phone, and the FleetBroadband 150 terminal.
And he flagged up the revolution for global maritime connectivity expected following the launch of Inmarsat's new Global Xpress (GX) network, currently scheduled for full roll-out in 2014, which will enable connectivity 100 times the speed of FleetBroadband."

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