Friday, September 27, 2013

Navantia and the U.S. Navy sign service contract of 4 destroyers

Navantia has signed, with the US Navy, a service contract of four destroyers (USS Carney, USS Donald Cook, USS Porter, USS Ross) that will be deployed during 2014 and 2015 in the Naval Base of Rota, as  part of the BMD, according to the agreement reached between both governments in 2011 and signed in 2012. The contract  includes the maintenance of these units in the periods of immobilization in Rota, and has a duration of 1 years more 6 optional years.
Navantia's experience in the design, construction and maintenance of the ships, similar to the Spanish Navy in its systems, as well as its excellent infrastructure and workforce skill capacity, have been decisive for the adjudication of this contract.
Likewise, the attainment of this contract with the US Navy, with the highest level of requirements, supposes for Navantia a great international prestige, guaranteeing his leading world position in the naval military construction.  

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