Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dutch Cancel Karel Doorman Sale

File:JLSS Karel doorman.jpg

In a surprise decision, the Dutch have cancelled the sale of the still under construction Karel Doorman.
That means that HNLMS Amsterdam will be paid off in 2015 (as planned).
This is the outcome of new negotiations between several opposition  parties and the Government (to come to a majority for the plans in the First Chamber of Dutch parliament).
Several cuts were axed including the future of this brand new ship.
The new ‘Karel Doorman’ will sail with a limited crew and only for replenishment duties for the Dutch navy.
NATO partners can ‘hire’ the ship for the extra capabilities this ship was built for (JSS), such as heavy lift and transport and sea-basing.

Thanks to Kees van den Bos for contributing this update.

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