Friday, November 29, 2013

P-8A: Road to deployment

NAVAL AIR STATION JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Nov. 29, 2013) – With Patrol Squadron 16 (VP-16) Commanding Officer Cmdr. Bill Pennington Jr. at the controls, P-8A Poseidon No. 429 takes off from NAS Jacksonville, Fla. Nov. 29. It represents the squadron's historic first operational deployment of the Poseidon within the Navy's maritime patrol and reconnaissance community. Additional P-8s will join this aircraft in the western pacific area this winter. (U.S. Navy photo by Clark Pierce/Released)
NAVAL AIR STATION JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Nov. 29, 2013) – With Patrol Squadron 16 (VP-16) Commanding Officer Cmdr. Bill Pennington Jr. at the controls, P-8A Poseidon No. 429 takes off from NAS Jacksonville, Fla. Nov. 29. It represents the squadron's historic first operational deployment of the Poseidon within the Navy's maritime patrol and reconnaissance community. Additional P-8s will join this aircraft in the western pacific area this winter. (U.S. Navy photo by Clark Pierce/Released)
The Navy declares that its newest maritime patrol and reconnaissance aircraft, the P-8A Poseidon, has achieved initial operational capability (IOC) after the first two P-8As departed for deployment Nov. 29.
This announcement comes weeks after the completion of the Operational Readiness Evaluation of the first deploying P-8A Poseidon squadron and the commander of Patrol and Reconnaissance Group officially declaring the first P-8A squadron, Patrol Squadron 16 (VP-16), “prepared for deployment” Nov. 4.
“This IOC declaration is the culmination of years of careful planning and coordinated effort by the fleet, resource sponsor, acquisition community, and industry,” said Capt. Scott Dillon, program manager for Maritime Patrol and Reconnaissance Aircraft Program Office (PMA-290).
By achieving IOC, the Navy can effectively deploy the P-8A for operational missions and continue to successfully transition from the aging P-3C. The Poseidon program is on track for completing the remaining preparations for the first operational deployment of a P-8A squadron.

NAVAL AIR STATION JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Nov. 29, 2013) – AE1 Nathan Williams weighs crew luggage on a plane-side scale Nov. 29 as P-8A Poseidon No. 435 is packed out for its first deployment from NAS Jacksonville, Fla. (U.S. Navy photo by Clark Pierce/Released)
NAVAL AIR STATION JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (Nov. 29, 2013) – AE1 Nathan Williams weighs crew luggage on a plane-side scale Nov. 29 as P-8A Poseidon No. 435 is packed out for its first deployment from NAS Jacksonville, Fla. (U.S. Navy photo by Clark Pierce/Released)
“The number of submarines in the world is increasing rapidly. Other countries are either building or purchasing advanced, quiet, and extremely hard to find submarines and we need to be able to match that technology to be able to detect them. The P-8, along with the Triton, will strengthen the maritime mission and provide greater situational awareness,” Carter added.
“With the P-3 to P-8 transition well underway at Jacksonville, VP-16 is executing an Inter-Deployment Readiness Cycle and is on track to be the first P-8 squadron to deploy. VP-5 has completed their P-8 transition, and VP-45 has commenced P-8 transition after returning from deployment this past summer. In addition to leading the fleet transition process, VP-30 is also producing P-8 qualified replacement personnel for direct accession into P-8 qualified squadrons,” said Rear Adm. Matt Carter, Commander Patrol and Reconnaissance Group. “There has never been a greater need for a new patrol and reconnaissance aircraft now that the aging P-3 is nearing the end of its life cycle. The P-8 is a true multi-mission platform, which will continue to provide us invaluable capabilities.
This year was filled with crucial programmatic milestones for the program office, including the successful completion of Initial Operational Test and Evaluation and the on-going delivery of initial production aircraft in support of the first three P-3 to P-8 squadron transitions. To date, 12 low rate initial production aircraft were delivered to the fleet, and the final aircraft in the second production lot is on-track to deliver ahead of schedule and prior to the end of the year.
The program office along with the P-8 Fleet Integration Team in Naval Air Station (NAS) Jacksonville, Fla., is continuing to support the transitioning squadrons with training by also using the P-8A Integrated Training Center (ITC). The ITC is meeting training requirements of the Fleet Replacement Squadron, VP-30, and the transitioning squadrons.
“We are pleased the P-8A has been, and continues to be, on cost and on schedule,” Dillon said. “The program office is continuing to support the needs of the fleet and deliver an aircraft that recapitalizes and improves upon the capabilities of its predecessor; greatly enhancing the effectiveness of the Navy’s forward deployed squadrons.”

Contract Signed for Construction of Kronprins Haakon by Fincantieri

November 29, 2013 - In the presence of the Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs Elisabeth Aspaker, Fincantieri, one of the world leading shipbuilding companies, and the Institute of Marine Research (IMR), the Norwegian governmental body for oceanographic research and fishing, signed a contract today in Oslo for the construction of an oceanographic icebreaker for operating in polar waters. 
The Institute of Marine Research (IMR), based in Bergen and counts with 700 employees, is the direct owner of several research vessels or operates them on behalf of other Norwegian institutes, carrying out missions on a global scale even in collaboration with world leading oceanographic bodies. 
The owner of the ship will be the Norwegian Polar Institute, on behalf of the Norwegian government. 
The ship will be named “Kronprins Haakon”, in honor of the heir to the Norwegian throne and will be built in Italy in the Fincantieri integrated shipyard in Riva Trigoso-Muggiano, before undergoing final outfitting and sea trials in Norway at VARD – a member of the Fincantieri Group. 
The new vessel, designed by Rolls Royce Marine, will be launched in the second half of 2016 and will be fully operative from the beginning of 2017. 
The project, promoted by the Norwegian government, has a total value of about 175 million euro. The order for the construction of the ship was acquired by Fincantieri following comparison with qualified international competitors. 
The contract was signed today at the Fram Museum in Oslo, between Tore Nepstad, Managing Director of the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research, and Angelo Fusco, Executive Senior Vice President Italy for Fincantieri. 
With a gross tonnage of 9,000 tonnes, a length of over 100 metres and a breadth of 21 metres, the vessel will be able to accommodate 55 persons in 38 cabins - research personnel, students and crew - and will be fitted out with the highest standards of comfort for passenger ships. At the bow, its hangar will be able to accommodate two helicopters and will be equipped with complex instrumentation able to investigate the morphology and geology of the seabed. 
The ship will be one of the most advanced icebreaker in the world, and will provide a high-tech facility for the study of the marine environment. It will be built according to criteria that ensure minimum environmental impact and reduced radiation of noise underwater so as to allow studies on fish and marine mammals and it will be able to carry out its oceanographic and hydrographic research activities in any area of operation. 
The vessel will carry out missions on a global scale and will be used to study the modalities and consequences of climate change in the Arctic environment. 
Elisabeth Aspaker, the Norwegian Minister of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs, declared: “The purchase of this new research vessel will contribute to the knowledge of the ecosystems in both the Arctic and Antarctic regions. It is an instrument of great importance not only for our Country, but for the whole international scientific community”. 
Tore Nepstad, Managing Director of the Institute of Marine Research, added: “This is an important step for all Norwegian institutions that deal with research in the northern and southern hemisphere. We still have many challenges to face in our battle to understand nature. The effects of climate change are one of the research areas in which we need a technologically advanced vessel such as the Kronprins Haakon”. 
Giuseppe Bono, Chief Executive Officer of Fincantieri, commented: “We are very satisfied with this prestigious order, acquired from such an important customer that requires high quality standard”. Bono concluded: “With this ship we shall take a further step forward on the technological and innovative front, helped in this also by our ever closer collaboration with our colleagues at VARD". 

New Zealand selects KONGSBERGs Penguin anti-ship missile

November 29, 2013 Kongsberg has signed a contract with the New Zealand Defence Force for the delivery of Penguin Mk 2 Mod 7 anti-ship missiles and associated equipment.
The missiles will be deployed on the Royal New Zealand Navy new Kaman SH-2G Super Seasprite maritime helicopters.
”This contract strongly confirms the Penguin missile’s position as the leading missile within its segment. The contract is for a limited number of missiles, however it is considered an important upgrade of New Zealand’s navy,” says Pål Bratlie, EVP Kongsberg Defence Systems.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Saab signs contract to upgrade Australian Submarine Sub-System

Chris Sattler photo.

Defence and security company Saab has signed a contract with ASC Pty Ltd (Australian Submarine Corporation) to update and modernize the Integrated Ship Control Management and Monitoring System (ISCMMS) on the Royal Australian Navy’s Collins Class Submarines. The contract has a total value SEK 180 million.
The ISCMMS system provides the submarine maneuvering control and integrated platform systems management. Originally developed by Saab it has proven to be a very reliable system of the Australian Collins Class Submarine.
The modernization program involves updating electronic components and systems to alleviate upcoming obsolescence issues and porting the ISCMMS software to ensure the ISCMMS continues operating dependably into the future.
“ISCMMS has been a very successful part of the Collins Class Submarine and is critical to its on-going operations. With this contract, ASC and the Australian Navy continue to show faith in Saab’s high-tech solutions,” says Gunilla Fransson, head of Saab’s business area Security and Defence Solutions.
Steve Ludlam, ASC Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, said ASC was extremely pleased to have Saab on board for this important project.
The contract will run between 2013 and 2016 and will involve the Security and Defence Solutions operations in Adelaide, Australia.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Inchcape Shipping Services Suspended from Navy Contracts

"The Navy announced today it suspended Inchcape Shipping Services Holding Ltd. (ISS) and its affiliated companies from contracting with the Federal government on November 26, 2013. The suspension prevents Department of the Navy (DON) and all other Federal departments and agencies from entering into any new contracts, exercising options under existing contracts or issuing any new task or delivery orders under indefinite quantity contracts with ISS or its affiliates above the minimum guarantee during the period of suspension without agency head approval. ISS is a provider of husbanding services to the DON.
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The DON Acquisition Integrity Office recommended ISS's suspension to the Suspension and Debarring Official (SDO), based upon evidence of conduct indicating questionable business integrity affecting ISS's present responsibility to be a Government contractor. The SDO's decision reinforces the high standards of conduct and business practices to which the DON holds contractors who desire to do business with the Federal government. It also reflects the mandate of the Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus, to ensure that DON contractors are fully compliant with contracting regulations and procedures." 

Lighter Than Air Systems Enters Into Distributor Agreement With U.S. Government Prime Contractor ADS

Kennedy Space Center November 26, 2013 -  Lighter Than Air Systems Corp. ("LTAS"), a wholly owned subsidiary of World Surveillance Group Inc., a developer of lighter-than-air aerostats and unmanned aerial systems, has entered into a distributor agreement with U.S. Government prime contractor ADS, Inc. to distribute Blimp in a Box™ aerostat systems ("BiB") and related sustainment equipment. 
ADS is in the business of selling operational and tactical equipment to or for use by customers such as the United States Government and its various agencies and departments and other non commercial customers. ADS customers include the U.S. military, Federal agencies, defense contractors, law enforcement & public safety, fire & emergency services, and foreign military and governments.
LTAS developed and manufactures the BiB aerostat product line. The BiBs are intended to provide semi-persistent, mobile intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance ("ISR") for various applications. Each BiB system can provide low cost, mobile ISR for days, weeks or months with the BiB only requiring a 15 minute recovery and re-launch between top-off every 24-36 hours.
WSGI President and CEO, Glenn D. Estrella, stated, "We look forward to working with one of the premier Government procurement organizations in introducing the BiB to their diversified domestic and global customer base. This agreement is an excellent opportunity for our Company by enabling current and potential customers to efficiently procure our products and services and is another logical step in executing our strategic plan."

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

MTU Diesel Engines Entrusted to Power Singapore’s New Naval Fleet

Singapore November 25, 2013. Tognum has been awarded by Singapore Technologies Marine Ltd to power eight Littoral Mission Vessels for the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) with MTU Series 4000 diesel engines. The Littoral Mission Vessels will be installed with state of the art, high efficiency MTU 20V 4000 M93L diesel engines, known for their low consumption and long service life, with each unit producing 4300kW (5766bhp). MTU Series 4000 diesel engines offer unrivalled power density in terms of volume-to power ratio and power-to-weight ratio. 
The application of the MTU 20V 4000 M93L engines in the new RSN fleet continues MTU's long history of providing propulsion systems to navies across the world. 
MTU’s reputation, brought about by its powerful, economical and clean engines combined with a track record as a leading innovator, has cemented its status as one of world's leading suppliers of engines and propulsion systems in the marine industry. MTU engines and propulsion systems suit a variety of applications including tugs, ferries, super yachts as well as naval vessels, which are used on all the world’s oceans and in all marine areas.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Northrop Grumman Delivers Additional MQ-8C Fire Scout to the U.S. Navy

Fire Scout

San Diego November 25, 2013 – Northrop Grumman Corporation has delivered the second MQ-8C Fire Scout unmanned helicopter to the U.S. Navy after completing final assembly at the company's unmanned systems center in Moss Point, Miss.
The aircraft is joining the first one delivered to Naval Base Ventura County, Point Mugu, Calif., to conduct flight testing before using the system for operational missions in 2014.
"Since 2006 we have conducted final assembly of the earlier MQ-8B Fire Scout aircraft from our Moss Point facility, so we have a lot of manufacturing experience there," said George Vardoulakis, vice president for medium range tactical systems, Northrop Grumman. "With the MQ-8C variant being assembled there as well, we can use the same expertise and quality processes already developed."
The MQ-8C Fire Scout is the Navy's newest unmanned helicopter that can fly twice as long and carry three times more intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance payloads than the existing variant.
To prepare the second MQ-8C Fire Scout for flight operations, a series of ground and flight tests will occur to validate payload integration and that communications between the ground control system and the aircraft are working properly.
Including the two test aircraft, 14 new Fire Scouts are currently under contract to be built. The Navy's current plan is to purchase 30 MQ-8C Fire Scouts.

CANES Sets Sail Aboard USS McCampbell

San Diego November 25, 2013 – The U.S. Navy and Northrop Grumman Corporation have successfully installed Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services (CANES) on the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS McCampbell.
The installation was completed during the ship's approximate five-month scheduled maintenance at U.S. Fleet Activities Yokosuka, Japan. Prior to installation, Northrop Grumman produced, integrated and tested the CANES system and delivered it for acceptance to the Tactical Networks Program Office, Program Executive Office of Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I). During installation, Northrop Grumman assisted with the system's application integration and operational checkout.
"We have system 'light off.' McCampbell is underway and CANES is performing well with sailors using email, video and secure voice capabilities," said Mike Twyman, vice president and general manager, defense systems division, Northrop Grumman Information Systems. "We're pleased to be getting excellent feedback for the quality of our work and the improved C4I services provided by CANES."
Northrop Grumman has delivered 11 CANES systems to the Navy with 10 for guided-missile destroyers and one for a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. CANES installation aboard the destroyer USS Milius is progressing as part of the ship's extended drydock availability scheduled to last approximately 11 months.
Consolidation through CANES will eliminate many legacy standalone shipboard networks and provide a common computing environment for dozens of C4I applications. Northrop Grumman applies its Modular Open Systems Approach-CompetitiveTM (MOSA-CTM) strategic business and engineering process to enable continuous competition on the program, thereby driving down life cycle costs. MOSA-CTM ensures vendor-neutral, enduring solutions that improve interoperability and lower the total cost of ownership.

ORP Baltyk Completes Refit

Naval Shipyard Gdynia S.A. has completed the overhaul of the warship ORP Bałtyk (fuel tanker with the ship’s side number Z-1).
The scope of overhaul included among other things: maintenance of the hull, superstructure, open decks and tanks. Furthermore, the shipyard carried out repairs of the main cooling water over-board system and bottom-side fittings, as well as repair of tail shafts along with adjustable propellers
Besides the above, scope of the works also included repair of the thruster, rudder’s set along with steering gear and cathodic protection system as well as survey of log and echo sounder.

Metal Shark Aluminum Boats Wins Major US Navy Contract

Metal Shark Lands 350 Boat US Navy HSMST Contract

Jeanerette LA November 25, 2013 - Louisiana-based aluminum boat manufacturer Metal Shark Aluminum Boats LLC has been awarded a contract to produce up to 350 specialized vessels for the United States Navy, the company announced today.
The fixed-price contract is for the construction of the Navy’s High Speed Maneuverable Surface Target (HSMST) vessels. Based on Metal Shark’s high performance 26-foot Relentless center console model, the twin engine, welded aluminum HSMSTs will be utilized by the Navy primarily for advanced weapons system testing and fleet training exercises.
“Metal Shark works diligently to exceed customer expectations and meet stringent mission requirements by providing advanced yet cost-competitive solutions, “ said Chris Allard, President of Metal Shark. “Large contracts such as this help us to increase our efficiencies, creating a trickle-down effect that positively impacts our ability to accommodate our state, local, and commercial customers as well.”
The Navy has issued an immediate production order for nearly $14 million worth of Metal Shark HSMSTs, with nearly three times that amount expected to follow by the contract’s conclusion in 2016.

McKeon Reacts to Iran Nuclear Deal

Buck McKeon 2011.jpeg

Washington November 22, 2013 - House Armed Services Committee Chairman Howard P. "Buck" McKeon (R-CA) made the following statement regarding the Iran nuclear agreement. 

"Iran hasn't given the world reason to be anything but deeply skeptical of any agreement that leaves their capacity to build nuclear weapons intact. The President sees wisdom in placing trust, however limited, in a regime that has repeatedly violated international norms and put America's security at risk. Apparently, America has not learned its lesson from 1994 when North Korea fooled the world. I am skeptical that this agreement will end differently."

Exelis completes US Naval Research Laboratory evaluation of high-speed laser-based communications technology

Laser communications systems like TALON utilize higher-frequency bands of the electromagnetic spectrum, reducing reliance on more congested radio frequencies. (Photo: Business Wire)

Clifton NJ November 25, 2013 - Exelis and its partner Innovative Technology Solutions Inc. (doing business as NovaSol) have successfully completed an extensive series of evaluations of the jointly developed Tactical Line-of-Sight Optical Network (TALON) free-space optical communications system.
“NovaSol has been at the forefront of tactical laser communications for more than a decade, and these successful test exercises demonstrate the value of this experience”
Conducted in collaboration with the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), the exercises demonstrated the ruggedized system’s capability to wirelessly transmit 100 megabits per second of high-resolution imagery and video over a distance of more than 50 kilometers (31 miles). The system also acquired and maintained a data link between two U.S. Marine Corps Tactical Elevated Antenna Mast Systems.
“Free-space optical communications systems provide fighting forces with a high-capacity data link that is not reliant on hardline connections, such as fiber cables,” said Joe Rambala, vice president and general manager of the Exelis integrated electronic warfare systems business. “As the battlefield becomes more data-driven, ensuring warfighters are equipped with the information they need, whenever and wherever they need it, is critical to mission success.”
Free-space optical communications systems use laser technology to transmit narrow beams of energy capable of carrying anywhere from 100 kilobits to tens of gigabits of data per second. Along with operating approximately 1,000 times faster than conventional radio frequency (RF) communications systems, the narrow laser beams are invisible and provide an extremely low probability of interception. Additionally, by using laser energy to carry data, the system avoids congested RF bands, instead using higher-frequency wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum.
The monthlong, three-phase evaluation was conducted at NRL’s Chesapeake Bay Detachment, Md., Naval Air Weapons Station, China Lake, and Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif. During the course of the testing, the ruggedized system demonstrated its broadband capability to transmit and receive streaming audio and video simultaneously from stationary and mobile positions in high-wind environments.
“NovaSol has been at the forefront of tactical laser communications for more than a decade, and these successful test exercises demonstrate the value of this experience,” said Dr. Rick Holasek, NovaSol president and CEO. “We look forward to working with Exelis and other partners to transition TALON successfully from research and development to a mission-ready product.”
The TALON system, developed under a Future Naval Capability program funded by the Office of Naval Research (ONR), is part of the shift to an invisible battlefield, where software, networks and the electromagnetic spectrum are critical to success. With this laser communications technology and other systems, Exelis is focusing on four strategic growth platforms — critical networks; intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and analytics; electronic warfare; and aerostructures — to meet customers’ needs and position the company competitively.

HMS Illustrious takes over from HMS Daring in the Philippines

HMS Daring and HMS Illustrious. Picture: L(Phot) Nicky Wilson/Royal Navy
HMS Daring and HMS Illustrious. Picture: LA(Phot) Nicky Wilson/Royal Navy.

HMS Illustrious has arrived in the Philippines to begin to deliver humanitarian aid provided by the Department for International Development.
Helicopter and commando carrier HMS Illustrious has arrived in the Philippines to begin to deliver humanitarian aid provided by the Department for International Development (DfID).
HMS Illustrious will take over from HMS Daring which has been distributing aid and assisting villagers in remote communities on islands to the north east of Panay for the past week.
The Type 45 destroyer has now handed the baton to her fellow Portsmouth-based warship while she sails on to Tokyo to continue with her regional engagement programme.
Secretary of State for International Development, Justine Greening, said:
HMS Illustrious has brought extra air support which can help unblock transport bottlenecks, an invaluable capability to provide drinking water and 500 tons of aid.
The UK has now given more than £55 million support to the people of the Philippines to help them through this crisis. We will stay the course with the Philippines over the coming months and years as it rebuilds the shattered cities, towns and villages of the central islands.
Commanding Officer of HMS Daring, Commander Angus Essenhigh said:
I am incredibly proud of my ship’s company – without their commitment, drive and determination to help we would not have achieved half of what we set out to do.
There are communities on islands that had been cut off from help since the typhoon that now have repaired fishing boats so they can recover their livelihoods, tarpaulins to give them shelter as they rebuild their homes and fresh, clean drinking water.
It has been a privilege to assist the people of the Philippines and my ship’s company can be rightly pleased with the contribution HMS Daring has made, the rapid adaptability of a Royal Navy ship and her crew has once again been proven. I’m sure HMS Illustrious will continue that good work on behalf of the Royal Navy, the British public and the UK government.
HMS Daring covered 42,200 square nautical miles and visited over 70 islands, providing villagers with 498 shelter kits, over 7.5 tonnes of drinking water, 223 kitchen sets and repairing school roofs, generators and boat engines. Specialist sailors also built a desalination plant for a local well and gave medical aid in the shape of 14 medics deployed by DFID and the ship’s own doctor Surgeon Lieutenant Sophie Butterworth.
HMS Illustrious is carrying around 500 tonnes of UK Aid which includes 12,500 blankets, 20,000 candles, 30,000 rice bags, 9,800 tins of sardines, 8100 tins of vegetables, 17,000 shelter kits, 1,000 jerry cans and 1900 water carriers. She has 7 helicopters on board to help get the aid quickly into remote areas – 3 Sea King Mark 4s, 1 Merlin and 3 Army Lynx.
The carrier was around 6000 nautical miles away in the Horn of Africa on counter-piracy operations as part of the Royal Navy’s Response Force Task Group when she was re-tasked with the humanitarian aid operation.
Her Commanding Officer Captain Mike Utley said:
The speed at which we have reorganised ourselves from counter-piracy operations to humanitarian relief in a completely different part of the world is testament to the flexibility of the Royal Navy and the enthusiasm and dedication of my ship’s company.
We are fully prepared to be able to render whatever assistance is required to allow the people so very badly affected by Typhoon Haiyan to begin the process of recovery.

Friday, November 22, 2013

U.S. Navy Awards General Dynamics $17 Million for Support Services at Groton Submarine Base

Groton November 22, 2013 - The U.S. Navy awarded General Dynamics Electric Boat two contract modifications worth a total value of $16.8 million to perform nuclear and non-nuclear maintenance work for submarines homeported at the Naval Submarine Base in Groton. Electric Boat is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics.
Under the first contract, valued at $8.8 million, Electric Boat will continue to operate the Nuclear Regional Maintenance Department (NRMD) at the submarine base. The company will provide project management, planning, training and nuclear services to support maintenance, modernization and repairs. A core group of about 25 Electric Boat employees are assigned to the NRMD, with surge groups of up to 100 shipyard employees assigned for short periods. Initially awarded in April 2013, the contract has a potential value of $164 million over five years.
The second contract, valued at $8 million, Electric Boat will continue operating the New England Maintenance Manpower Initiative (NEMMI) at the submarine base. Electric Boat will provide a wide range of overhaul, repair and modernization services in support of nuclear submarines, floating dry-docks, support and service craft and other platforms and equipment. About 270 Electric Boat employees are engaged in the work. This contract was first awarded in December 2012 and has a potential value of $222.3 million over five years.

Boeing Delivers 3rd P-8I to India

Seattle November 22, 2013 – The third Boeing P-8I long-range maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare aircraft for the Indian Navy arrived today in India, on schedule.
The aircraft departed Boeing Field in Seattle for Naval Station Rajali, where it joined two P-8Is currently undergoing flight trials and testing. The first P-8I arrived in India in May.
The P-8I is one of eight aircraft Boeing is building for the Indian Navy as part of a contract awarded in 2009. Based on the company’s Next-Generation 737 commercial airplane, the P-8I is the Indian Navy variant of the P-8A Poseidon that Boeing has developed for the U.S. Navy. The P-8I incorporates not only India-unique design features, but also India-built subsystems that are tailored to the country’s maritime patrol requirements.

Babcock starts HMS Sutherland upgrade and maintenace program

File:HMS Sutherland F81.jpg

Babcock has begun work to deliver an upgrade and maintenance program on HMS Sutherland, which will see the Type 23 frigate receive extensive upgrades and improvements that will significantly increase the ship’s sustainability and fighting capability.  Sutherland docked down on Friday, 22 November, at Babcock’s Devonport Royal Dockyard.
The workscope for the eight month docking period has been developed and planned by the Type 23 industry-led Class Output Management (COM) team under the Surface Ship Support Alliance (MoD, Babcock and BAE Systems), drawing on previous experience and the improving material state knowledge being built up by the COM team to enable workscope development to become increasingly well informed.  The affordable, comprehensive workscope has been developed to ensure that the program will be delivered with optimised efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Among the 16 upgrades to HMS Sutherland under the program are the installation of Artisan (Advanced Radar Target Indication Situational Awareness and Navigation) 3D Radar (improving the ship’s air-defence, anti-ship and air traffic management capabilities), and the DNA(2) Command System (central to the ship’s capability against air, surface and underwater threats).  Other upgrades the chloropac system (to improve performance in the ship’s sea water cooling systems by preventing or reducing marine growth), an upgrade to the high pressure air system pipework (to provide safe, reliable and flexible isolation when required), modification to the underwater inlets and outlets to reduce corrosion, and a galley equipment upgrade, among others.
The docking period will also include a program of deep maintenance, including removal of rudders and stabilisers along with a program of maintenance on the propeller shafts and associated bearings, overhaul of the helicopter handling system (PRISM), a complete overhaul or renewal of all underwater and shipside valves and numerous pumps and motors from various ship systems, replacement of laundry equipment and of the sonar bow dome, and overhaul of refrigeration and fresh water systems.  There will also be a program of maintenance and minor upgrades on weapons systems including the 4.5 inch gun, while a full structural survey of the ship will highlight any repair work required.
Among the challenges involved in the refit is the completion of a major dry blast and painting program (involving almost total renewal of the ship’s paint coatings from the water line up) while completing other maintenance and upgrade work within the necessary timescales, requiring careful scheduling and program management.
Commenting on the project, Babcock’s Surface Ship Support COM Delivery Team Leader, Simon Dyer, said: “This is the first T23 upkeep where the entire end to end planning process has been under the Surface Ship Support Alliance Phase 2 and where industry has very much led on the content and optimization of the package to provide the necessary through-life availability and capability.  Throughout this next period T23 COM will continue to take this through-life view and build up an even deeper understanding of HMS Sutherland’s material state to aid further planning of Fleet Time packages.  We look forward to delivering this program safely and successfully, and returning Sutherland in-budget and on-schedule.”
Captain Matt Harrison RN, the MoD T23 Strategic Class Authority said: “The HMS Sutherland Upkeep project is a key element of the surface ship program that will enable further benefits to be realised by both industry and MoD members of the Alliance.”
HMS Sutherland is now in dock at Babcock’s Devonport Royal Dockyard, and is due to leave for sea trials in summer 2014.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Royal Norwegian Navy acquiring Navigation Equipment Package for Combat Boat 90

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG) has signed a contract for the delivery of a Navigation Equipment Package for the Combat Boat 90s of the Royal Norwegian Navy (RNoN).
The contract is entered between the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organization (NDLO) and KONGSBERG, represented by the Naval Systems & Surveillance Division.
The contract has an overall scope of 25 MNOK and includes spare parts, test- and support equipment, with options.
The system delivery is based on the navigation system “SeaCross” from Sea Cross Marine AB of Sweden as the main component. Sea Cross is currently operational within the RNoN on other platforms. Sea Cross is part of KONGSBERGs “Sea COMMAND” product line of compact navigation- and weapon control systems for small and medium size vessels.

Babcock to provide Type 23 CESM

Babcock has been awarded a contract by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to deliver an off-the-shelf communications electronic support measures (CESM) system providing an enhanced electronic surveillance capability for the Royal Navy’s (RN) Type 23 frigates.
Under the contract Babcock, teamed with principal subcontractor Argon ST, will deliver a system at the required high Technology Readiness Level (TRL), requiring no development work, to enable rapid replacement of the existing obsolete system on the Type 23s with very low risk delivery, meeting the MoD’s capability requirement at optimum value for money.
Babcock’s Type 23 CESM system, Hammerhead, offers a low risk, mature solution tailored to Type 23 requirements and provides surveillance capability, supporting both tactical indicators and warnings and other tasked requirements, using technology proven on naval platforms.  It offers exceptional installed performance, while the commonality with other Lighthouse CESM systems currently in use provides the opportunity for common spares, training, and operator flexibility.
These features combined with a modular design block approach enable Babcock to provide flexibility in system configuration, enabling the MoD to meet current requirements within budget and to future-proof the capability with the potential for enhancement or life extension using future funding if available to meet changes in operational requirements.  Further, Babcock’s unparalleled knowledge of the platform and leadership role within the Type 23 Class Output Management team ensures low risk platform integration delivered by a known and experienced team, and assured installed performance.
Commenting on the contract win, Babcock Integrated System and Support Group Director Charles John said: “We are delighted to have been awarded this contract and will be providing the MoD with a high technology readiness, low-risk solution, offering maximum value for money.  Moreover, drawing on our experience on Eddystone we are able to give the MoD confidence that the system will be delivered when required to meet their programme.  We will also be delivering through-life supportability and upgradeability through the planned project life to 2021, and beyond.  This programme will enable the MoD to drive coherency across the capability and derive significant benefit.”
The seven year contract to deliver the Type 23 CESM system is effective from this month (November).

US Navy to deploy WindSentinel floating LiDAR

Sidney BC November 21, 2013 - The teams of Sound & Sea Technology Inc, AXYS Technologies Inc, and DNV GL Inc have announced the award of a contract from the U.S. Navy for the validation of an offshore floating LiDAR wind resource assessment system.
Sound & Sea Technology (SST) will provide overall management of the program, coordination with the Navy, ocean engineering expertise, environmental planning and installation support.  
AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS) will be supplying their WindSentinel™ floating LiDAR system. The WindSentinel uses the Vindicator® III, the world's only simultaneous pulsed LiDAR with integral motion compensation, to accurately measure offshore wind speed and direction up to the blade-tip heights of 200m. This project will look to take advantage of recent new developments in the sensor technology derived from AXYS’ relationship with OADS, developers of the simultaneous pulse technology. 
The WindSentinel has recorded a number of world firsts, including the first commercial deployment and the most remote LiDAR offshore wind resource assessment ever conducted, 36 miles offshore. The WindSentinel also measured winds in excess of 60 mph and 33 foot waves as Hurricane Sandy passed over Lake Michigan.
DNV GL will provide an independent evaluation of the validity of the floating LIDAR system by identifying measurement requirements and metrics to qualify the system for use in wind power development. As the independent third-party reviewer, DNV GL will establish the data requirements and complete the validation analysis.  DNV GL will develop validation metrics related to data recovery, instrument availability, accuracy, and uncertainty. These metrics will be adapted from DNV GL’s recommended practice for validating LIDAR measurements, “DNV Sodar and Lidar Guidelines.” 
The Vindicator LiDAR has passed the initial side by side testing process overseen by DNV GL and will be shipped to California for deployment in December for a six month study to confirm the validity of this technology.
Sound & Sea, Inc. is a Woman-Owned small business with offices in Lynnwood and Poulsbo WA, Ventura and San Diego CA and Washington DC.  SST provides ocean engineering expertise to the U. S. Navy, other government agencies, the marine renewable energy industry and the undersea telecommunications industry.   
DNV GL’s team of over 150 wind energy professionals has been supporting and actively involved in the wind industry for more than 20 years. Their wind energy segment specializes in providing feasibility consulting, analysis, design, testing, management, certification, and verification services to a wide range of wind industry clients. DNV GL’s experience includes utility-scale and small-scale applications of onshore and offshore wind energy technologies. Their personnel have worked on wind projects in more than 40 U.S. states and 30 countries. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

J.F. Lehman & Company Completes Sale of Northeast Ship Repair, Inc.

Philly Ship Repair aerial view

New York November 20, 2013 - J.F. Lehman & Company, a leading middle-market private equity firm focused on the maritime, defense and aerospace sectors, announced today that it has sold its portfolio company, Northeast Ship Repair, Inc. to affiliates of Plexus Capital and NewSpring Capital. Northeast Ship Repair is a leading provider of large vessel maintenance, repair and overhaul ("MRO") services for the U.S. Government non-combatant fleet and commercial customers. With facilities in Boston, MA and Philadelphia, PA, Northeast Ship Repair operates two of the drydocks on the East and Gulf Coasts capable of servicing vessels in excess of 750 feet in length. Northeast Ship Repair was acquired in 2008. 
"We are very pleased to sell Northeast Ship Repair to Plexus and NewSpring," said Alex Harman, Partner at JFLCO. "Northeast Ship Repair President Ed Snyder and his team have done a fantastic job growing the business in partnership with us over the last five years. We appreciate the fine efforts of all involved and are confident that Plexus and NewSpring have acquired a great platform for future growth." 
Lincoln International provided M&A advisory services for the seller in connection with the transaction and Blank Rome served as legal advisor to the seller. 

General Dynamics Awarded $29 Million by U.S. Navy for Common Missile Compartment Development


Groton November 20, 2013 - The U.S Navy has awarded General Dynamics Electric Boat a $28.9 million contract modification to continue development of the Common Missile Compartment for the U.S. Ohio replacement submarine and the United Kingdom's Successor ballistic-missile submarine. The company received a similar award on November 14. Electric Boat is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Dynamics.
Electric Boat will procure hardware and material for the Common Missile Compartment's missile-tube assembly and weldments. Initially awarded in December 2012, the five-year, $1.85 billion contract calls for Electric Boat to perform research and development work for the Navy's next-generation ballistic-missile submarine, which is scheduled to begin construction in 2021. The potential value of the overall contract is $2.9 billion.
This work will engage Electric Boat's engineering and design organization, which comprises more than 4,000 employees. Possessing proven technical capabilities, these employees work on all facets of the submarine life cycle from concept formulation and design through construction, maintenance and modernization, and eventually to inactivation and disposal.

Navy X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System completes carrier tests

For the first time, both Navy X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System Demonstrators participated in tests with a single aircraft carrier. While one remained onboard USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71), the second conducted flight operations. The X-47Bs performed multiple precise touch-and-goes, arrested landings, catapults, and commanded and autonomous wave-offs in November 2013. Photo courtesy Northop Grumman
For the first time, both Navy X-47B Unmanned Combat Air System Demonstrators participated in tests with a single aircraft carrier. While one remained onboard USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71), the second conducted flight operations. The X-47Bs performed multiple precise touch-and-goes, arrested landings, catapults, and commanded and autonomous wave-offs in November 2013. Photo courtesy Northop Grumman.
The Navy concluded another round of carrier testing Nov. 19 to further demonstrate and evaluate the X-47B unmanned air system integration within the aircraft carrier environment.
Tests aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) included deck handling, carrier approaches and landings in off-nominal wind conditions, digitized ship systems interfaces, and concept of operations development.
“The X-47 was tested in winds of higher magnitude and differing directions than seen in previous detachments,” said Program Manager for Unmanned Carrier Aviation Capt. Beau Duarte. “This resulted in more stimulus provided to the aircraft’s guidance and control algorithms and a more robust verification of its GPS autoland capability.”
This test phase, which began Nov. 9, also provided an opportunity for the second X-47B to make an appearance, marking the first time both aircraft appeared together in a carrier environment.
Over the flight test period, the X-47Bs performed 26 total deck touchdowns: 21 precise touch-and-goes and five arrested landings; as well as five catapults, five commanded and two autonomous wave-offs. While one X-47B operated in the vicinity of CVN 71, the second air vehicle conducted flight operations between ship and shore. Both X-47Bs are assigned to Air Test and Evaluation Squadron (VX) 23 at Naval Air Station Patuxent River.
“The Navy and industry team once again conducted productive flight operations in the CVN environment,” said Barbara Weathers, Unmanned Combat Air System deputy program manager. “The carrier systems installation and system checkouts were performed in record time, quite an amazing feat.”
The Navy will operate the X-47B throughout FY14 to conduct further land and carrier based testing to mature unmanned technologies and refine concept of operations to further inform future unmanned carrier requirements.
“The Navy is committed to developing, maturing, and fielding unmanned carrier aviation capabilities into our carrier air wings and carrier environments. This week’s successful carrier operations demonstrated the feasibility and realistic path to achieving the manned/unmanned air wing of the future,” said Rear Adm. Mat Winter, program executive officer for Unmanned Aviation and Strike Weapons (PEO(U&W)), which oversees the UCAS program.

The Royal Norwegian Navy acquires KONGSBERGs Sea Protector

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG) has signed a contract for the delivery of Sea PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Stations (RWS) for the Royal Norwegian Navy (RNoN) combat vessels.
The contract is entered between the Norwegian Defence Logistics Organization (NDLO) and KONGSBERG, represented by the Naval Systems & Surveillance Division.
The contract has an overall scope of 133 MNOK.
Sea PROTECTOR is a remotely controlled, fully stabilized sensor platform and weapon mount. It enhances the vessels capability in surveillance- and control missions. It provides self-defense and increased capability to counter asymmetric threats through improved hit accuracy. Own crew remains safe and unexposed to hostile fire on the bridge and in the CIC.
This contract is an important reference for KONGSBERG as a compact weapon control systems supplier for small and medium size vessels, as well as Ship borne Protection Systems.

Coast Guard Commissions Seventh Fast Response Cutter into Service

FRC Charles David Jr Commissioning
Coast Guard Cutter Charles David Jr was commissioned at Coast Guard Sector Key West, Fla., Nov. 16. The cutter is the first Fast Response Cutter to be homeported at Sector Key West and is the seventh FRC to be delivered to the Coast Guard. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Mark Barney.

November 16, 2013 - Coast Guard Cutter Charles David Jr was commissioned into service Nov. 16 at Coast Guard Sector Key West, Fla. Charles David Jr is the first of six Fast Response Cutters (FRC) to be homeported in Key West and the seventh vessel to be delivered through the Coast Guard’s Sentinel-class FRC recapitalization project. 

FRC Charles David Jr Commissioning
Rear Adm. Jake Korn, Coast Guard Seventh District commander; Sharon David, granddaughter of the cutter’s namesake and sponsor of the Coast Guard Cutter Charles David Jr; and Chris Bollinger, president of Bollinger Shipyards; look at information about Charles W. David Jr. before the commissioning ceremony. Steward’s Mate 1st Class Charles David Jr. was posthumously awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for his part in saving the lives of nearly 100 U.S. Army soldiers and members of his own crew during World War II. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Mark Barney.

The cutter’s namesake, Steward’s Mate 1st Class Charles W. David Jr., was posthumously awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Medal and the Immortal Chaplains Prize for Humanity for his heroism during the 1943 rescue of survivors from the torpedoed Army transport ship Dorchester.

The night of Feb. 3, 1943, the Comanche was on convoy duty in the North Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Greenland when it was called to the aid of the Dorchester, which had been attacked by an enemy submarine and was rapidly sinking. When survivors were spotted, David and several shipmates volunteered to dive into the frigid North Atlantic and saved nearly 100 soldiers and many of the Dorchester’s crew. When Comanche’s executive officer, Lt. Langford Anderson, feeling the effects of hypothermia and exhaustion, was unable to return to the cutter, David plunged into the water again and helped him aboard. David succumbed to pneumonia three days later, leaving behind a widow and a young son.

Charles David Jr is 154 feet long, has a beam of 25 feet and a maximum sustained speed of more than 28 knots. The cutter is armed with a stabilized 25-millimeter machine-gun mount and four crew-served .50-caliber machine guns. Charles David Jr will provide support operations in the Seventh Coast Guard District, an area comprised of 1.8 million square nautical miles of ocean ranging from the South Carolina coast to the Caribbean. 

USAT Dorchester

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

US Navy Contract Announcements November 19, 2013

The Navy is awarding indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity, multiple-award contracts to 914 contractors that will provide for their competition for service requirements solicited by Naval Sea Systems Command, Naval Air Systems Command, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Naval Supply Systems Command, Military Sealift Command, Naval Facilities Command, Strategic Systems Programs, Office of Naval Research and the U.S. Marine Corps.  The 22 functional service areas within the scope of the contracts include: 1) research and development support, 2) engineering system engineering and process engineering support, 3) modeling, simulation, stimulation and analysis support, 4) prototyping, pre-production, model-making and fabric support, 5) system design documentation and technical data support, 6) software engineering, development, programming and network support, 7) reliability, maintainability and availability support, 8) human factors, performance and usability engineering support, 9) system safety engineering support, 10) configuration management support, 11) quality assurance support, 12) information system development, information assurance and information technology support, 13) ship inactivation and disposal support, 14) interoperability, test and evaluation, trials support, 15) measurement facilities, range and instrumentation support, 16) acquisition logistics support, 17) supply and provisioning support, 18) training support, 19) in-service engineering, fleet introduction, installation and checkout support, 20) program support, 21) functional and administrative support, and 22) public affairs and multimedia support.  These contracts are in addition to the existing 2,838 contracts previously awarded under the SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) acquisition program for services procurements.  The government estimates a maximum of $5,300,000,000 of services will be procured per year via orders issued under the SeaPort-e multiple award contracts.  The award of these contracts is a result of the SeaPort-e Rolling Admissions solicitation.  The SeaPort-e acquisition is comprised of seven regional zones in which task orders will be competed based upon the principal place of performance. These awards contain provisions to set aside requirements for small businesses, service disabled veteran owned small businesses, 8a business development program and historically under-utilized business zone small businesses.  Under these multiple award contracts, each contractor will be provided a fair opportunity to compete for individual task orders solicited within their zone or zones of performance.  The awards will have a five-month base period with one five-year option.  These contracts were competitively procured via the Navy Electronic Commerce Online website, with 955 offers received and 914 contracts awarded.  Contract funds will be obligated at the time of task order award and, multiple funding types with varying expiration dates may be used, consistent with the purpose for which the funds were appropriated.  The Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division, Dahlgren, Va., is the contracting activity (N00178-14-D-7128 -- N00178-14-D-8045).   The list of contractors involved are:  1 Source Consulting, Inc., Germantown, Md.; 2Is Inc.*, Walpole, Mass.; 4M Research Inc.*, Huntsville, Ala.; A² Systems Engineering Inc.*, El Segundo, Calif.; A2B Tracking Solutions, Inc.*, Portsmouth, R.I.; AAR Parts Trading Inc. doing business as (dba) AAR Defense Systems and Logistics, Wood Dale, Ill.; A-B Computer  Solutions, Inc.*, Mandeville, La.; Accent Controls, Inc.*, Riverside, Mo.; Access Personnel Services, Inc.*, Lancaster, Pa.; Acquisition Systems Associates, Inc.*, Great Falls, Va.; Adaptive Consulting & Training Services, LLC dba ACTS*, Stafford, Va.; Adela Technologies*, Leonardtown,, Md.; Aderas, Inc.*, Reston, Va.; Advanced Mission Systems, LLC*, Charlotte, N.C.; Advanced Professional Consulting, Inc. dba Veteran Technologists*, Aberdeen, Md.; Advanced Sciences and Technologies, LLC.*, Berlin, N.J.; Advanced Technology Services dba OptiDoc*, Marietta, Ga.; Advanced Technology Systems Co., Inc. (Of Virginia)*, Mclean, Va. ; Advantage SCI, LLC*, El Segundo, Calif.; Advent Business Co., Inc.*, Aurora , Ill.; Advent SVCS LLC*, Panama City Beach, Fla.; AED, Inc.*, Hyattsville, Md.; Affinity Fidelis Consulting and Technologies, LLC dba Affinity Fidelis *, Fredericksburg, Va.; AFGlobe Communications Inc. dba ACI Solutions*, Sterling, Va.; Agile Government Services, Inc.*, Overland Park, Kan.; Ahtna Support and Training Services, LLC*, Anchorage, Alaska; AINET Corp.*, Beltsville, Md.; Air Logistics and Engineering Consultants, LLC*, Warner Robins, Ga.; Aitheras, LLC dba Aitheras*, Rockville, Md.; Alexandria Insights, Inc.*, Fairfax Station, Va.; All U Need Temporary Services dba All U Need Personnel*, Washington, D.C.; Allen Corp. of America, Inc.*, Fairfax, Va.; Allied Reliability, Inc.*, North Charleston, S.C.; AlphaSix Corp.*, Sterling, Va.; American Computer Development Inc. dba ACDI*, Frederick, Md.; American Society for Engineering Education dba ASEE, Washington, D.C.; America's Staffing Partner, Inc.*, Bethlehem, Pa.; AMP Management Consulting LLC*, Fredericksburg, Va.; Ampcus Inc.*, Chantilly , Va.; Anderson Solutions & Associates dba ASA*, Fredericksburg, Va.; Anglicotech LLC*, Washington, D.C.; Apex Data Systems Inc.*, Fredericksburg, Va.; Apogee Engineering, LLC*, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Applied Computer Science Group, Inc.*, Bowie, Md.; Applied Visual Technology, Inc. dba AVT Simulation*, Orlando, Fla.; Aranea Solutions, Inc.*, Huntsville, Ala.; Arch Systems*, Baltimore, Md.; Ardent Technologies, Inc.*, Dayton, Ohio; Armada, Ltd*, Powell, Ohio; Art Anderson Associates, Inc.*, Bremerton, Wash.; ASP Web Solutions, LLC*, Bartlett, Tenn.; Augustine Consulting, Inc.*, Monterey, Calif.; AURA Systems Technologies*, San Dimas, Calif.; Avanco International, Inc.*, Fairfax, Va.; Avani Technology Solutions Inc.*, Rochester, N.Y.; Averalink Information Systems, LLC*, North Charleston, S.C.; Avion Solutions, Inc. dba Avion*, Huntsville, Ala.; AVOSYS Technology, Inc.*, San Antonio, Texas; AVPOL International LLC dba AIL*, Memphis, Tenn.; Axiom Resource Management, Inc. , Falls Church, Va.; B&L Machine & Fabrication*, Norfolk, Va.; Badger Defense Group Inc.*, Orlando, Fla.; Banner Staffing*, Washington, D.C.; Barba Consulting, Inc.*, Marlton, N.J.; BarnAllen Technologies, Inc.*, Rockville, Md.; Barnett Engineering & Signaling Laboratories*, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Bayfield Technology Group, Inc.*, Luray, Va. ; Bayonet Inc.*, San Diego, Calif.; BFG Systems LLC dba: BFG Systems*, Saint Petersburg, Fla.; BITHOP Systems, Inc.*, Springfield, Va.; Bitterroot Services & Technology LLC dba BST*, Florence, Mont; BleuForce, LLC*, Chula Vista, Calif.; Blue Tang Solutions, Inc.*, Coronado, Calif.; Boarhog LLC*, San Diego, Calif.; Boulevard Consulting Group, LLC*, Arlington, Va.; Bowhead Professional Solutions, LLC dba BPS*, Alexandria, Va.; Bowler Pons Solutions Consultants, LLC dba Immigration Integrity Group*, Arnold, Md.; Bridge Group, LLC*, Bumpass, Va.; BuddoBot Inc.*, Alexandria, Va.; Business Enterprises & Systems Technology, Inc. dba BESTech*, McLean, Va.; C Parker Consulting, Inc.*, Fredericksburg, Va.; Carolina Growler Inc.*, Star, N.C.; Catalyst Solutions, LLC*, Stafford, Va.; CATVIDEO, Inc. dba CATMEDIA*, Tucker, Ga.; Caulfield Consulting, Inc.*, Ashburn, Va.; CB Technologies, Inc., Westminster, Calif.; C-Edge Software Consultants LLC*, Saint Louis, Mo.; Center for Applied Innovation*, Yorktown, Va.; Center for Organizational Excellence, Inc.*, Rockville, Md.; Cherokee Nation Red Wing, LLC*, Tulsa, Okla.; CHP Solutions*, Stafford, Va.; Citadel Logic, LLC*, Hampton, Va.; Claxton Logistics Services, LLC*, Stafford, Va.; Cobec Consulting, Inc.*, Manassas, Va.; Comptech PC*, Fort Pierce, Fla.; Computational Physics, Inc.*, Springfield, Va.; Computer Technologies Consultants, Inc. dba CTC*, Seabrook, Md.; Concord Crossroads*, Manassas, Va.; Conetsco, Inc.*, Manassas, Va.; Consortium for Ocean Leadership Inc., Washington, D.C.; Constellation Software Engineering Corp.*, Lanham, Md.; Converge IT Solutions, LLC*, Clinton, Md.; Mager, William Grant dba Core Services Group*, Virginia Beach, Va.; CoreSys Consulting Services, LLC*, Alexandria, Va.; Coronata Systems, Inc.*, Ardmore, Tenn.; Cougaar Software, Inc.*, Vienna, Va.; Covell Solutions*, Vienna, Va.; Creative Business Solutions, Inc.*, Washington, D.C.; Crewestone Technologies, Inc.*, Chesapeake, Va.; Crown Consulting, Inc.*, Arlington, Va.;, LLC*, Edgewater, Md.; Customer Inspired Solutions, LLC*, King of Prussia, Pa.; Cyber Security Engineering Associates LLC dba CSEA*, Baltimore, Md.; Cyber Technology Services, Inc. dba Cytech Services*, Manassas, Va.; Daniel Eke and Associates, PC*, Silver Spring, Md.; Data Tactics Corp.*, McLean, Va.; Datalis Solutions Corp.*, Montvale, N.J.; Daylight Defense, LLC*, San Diego, Calif.; DeNovo Solutions LLC*, Centennial, Colo.; Designed Consulting LLC*, Yuma, Ariz.; DCAPS Inc.*, Shalimar, Fla.; Digital Consultants LLC*, Mclean, Va.; Dignitas Technologies LLC*, Orlando, Fla.; Dilks - Simone Enterprises, Inc.*, North Charleston, S.C.; DirectViz Solutions LLC*, Chantilly, Va.; DuChancell Engineering Consulting*, Del Mar, Calif.; Durbin Group, LLC*, Spotsylvania, Va.; Dynamic Computer Corp. dba Connecting Point Computer Center*, Farmington Hills, Mich.; Dynamic Management Associates*, Woodbridge, Va.; Dynamic Pro Inc.*, Alexandria, Va.; ECLAT Integrated Software Solutions, Inc..*, Stafford, Texas; Edwards Group LLC dba Polaris Technology Solutions*, Aldie, Va.; Effecture, LLC*, San Diego, Calif.; eKuber Ventures Inc.*, Herndon, Va.; Elda and Edwina International Inc.*, Columbia, Md.; Electro Standards Laboratory Inc. dba Electro Standards Laboratories*, Cranston, R.I.; e-Management Consultants, Inc.*, Silver Spring, Md.; Emerging Technology Support LLC*, Mooresville, N.C.; Eminent IT, LLC dba Eminent*, Arlington, Va.; Energy Plus Limited dba Energy Research Consultants*, Laguna Hills, Calif.; Enformatica*, San Diego, Calif.; Engineering Solutions and Products LLC, Eatontown, N.J.; Envision, LLC.*, Saint Louis, Mo.; ENX Group, Inc.*, Fairfax, Va.; EPIC Consulting Planning & Business Information LLC*, Springfield, Va.; ESEA*, Los Altos, Calif.; Estuate Inc.*, Sunnyvale, Calif.; Etelic Inc.*, Glen Allen, Va.; eTRANSERVICES LLC*, Fredericksburg, Va.; Evanhoe & Associates, Inc. dba AIDC Solutions*, Dayton, Ohio; Evergreen Fire Alarms, LLC dba Evergreen Fire &Security*, Tacoma, Wash.; Inc. dba eVigilant Security*, Lorton, Va.; Explosive Ordnance Mission Focused Defense LLC dba EOMFD*, Goose Creek, S.C.; Extreme Data Technologies LLC*, Norwalk, Conn.;, Inc.*, Alexandria, Va.; Fathom 4, LLC*, Charleston, S.C.; FedForce, Inc.*, Reston, Va.; Field Data Technology, LLC*, Fairfax, Va.; Flight Test Aerospace, Inc.*, Chantilly, Va.; G2SF, INC.*, Reston, Va.; GameSim Inc.*, Orlando, Fla.; Gantec Corp.*, Schaumburg, Ill.; Gartner, Inc., Stamford, Conn.; GCorp Consulting dba GKORP*, Chula Vista, Calif.; Gemini Industries Inc.*, Burlington, Mass.; GeoNorth, LLC*, Anchorage, Alaska; Germanos Defense Services, Inc.*, Virginia Beach, Va.; GET Engineering*, El Cajon, Calif.; GINIA Inc.*, Alexandria, Va.; Global Services International, LLC*, Killeen, Texas; Global Solutions Group Inc.*, Detroit, Mich.; Government Contracting Services LLC*, Roy, Wash.; Government Contracting Specialists, Inc.*, Chesapeake, Va.; GRAVICOM LLC*, Elnora, Ind.; GS5, LLC*, Dumfries, Va.; Haven 365 LLC*, Stafford, Va.; HCH Enterprises, LLC*, Providence, R.I.; Heritage Services Corp.*, Cocoa, Fla.; Hester Group*, Jacksonville, Fla.; Highbury Defense Group*, San Diego, Calif.; Hosted Records Inc.*, Alexandria, Va.; Howard & Co., Inc.*, Reston, Va.; HPT Advisory Services, LLC*, McLean, Va.; H.T. Innovations, L.L.C.*, Chesterfield, Va.; Hyperion Biotechnology Inc.*, San Antonio, Texas; ICS Technologies, Inc.*, McLean, Va.; Ideation Inc.*, Chantilly, Va.; Identity Management Systems, LLC*, Fredericksburg, Va.; IERUS Technologies, Inc.*, Huntsville, Ala.; Immersive Media Tactical Solutions, LLC*, Fredericksburg, Va.; INADEV Corp.*, McLean, Va.; Incident Communication Solutions, LLC*, Stevensville, Md.; Infinity Support Services*, Aldie, Va.; Infolob Solutions, Inc.*, Irving, Texas; Information Innovators, Inc., Springfield, Va.; InfoStructures, Inc.*, Rockville, Md.; Innoflight, Inc.*, San Diego, Calif.; Innovation Business Partners, Inc.*, Lavallette, N.J.; Innovative Algorithms, LLC*, San Diego, Calif.; Innovative Services & Solutions dba ISS*, Mansfield, Texas; Innovim Defense Services LLC dba IDS*, Oxon Hill, Md.; Integrated Defense Applications, LLC dba IDA Technology*, El Paso, Texas; Integrated Financial Analysts, Ltd. dba INFINA*, Tysons Corner, Va.; InteliTrac, Inc.*, Fort Worth, Texas; Intellectual Concepts, LLC*, Atlanta, Ga.; Intelligent Automation Inc.*, Rockville, Md.; Interactive Government Holdings, LLC*, Washington, D.C.; Interdyne Corp.*, Mooresville, N.C.; International Business Sales & Services Corp. dba IBSS Corp*, Silver Spring, Md.; INTER-OP.NET Inc. dba INTER-OP*, Virginia Beach, Va.; InterOptions, LLC*, Tampa, Fla.; IPSecure Inc.*, San Antonio, Texas; ISI Telemanagement Solutions, Inc.*, Schaumburg, Ill.; ISYS Inc. dba ISYS Technologies*, Littleton, Colo.; IT Concepts, Inc.*, Ashburn, Va.; ITC Defense Corp.*, Arlington, Va.; IT-CNP, INC.*, Columbia, Md.; I-Three Solutions, LLC*, Lexington Park, Md.; ITMC Solutions, LLC*, Bristow, Va.; IWON, LLC*, Colonial Beach , Va.; Jamison Professional Services, Inc.*, East Point, Ga.; JDR Unlimited, LLC*, Melbourne, Fla.; Jered LLC dba PHR, Brunswick, Ga.; JETPUBS Inc.*, Hudson, WI; Joiner Associates LLC*, Norfolk, Va.; Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc. dba Public Institutions, Washington, D.C.; JRM Enterprises, Inc. dba JRM Technologies*, Fredericksburg, Va.; Kalon, LLC*, Supply, N.C.; KAMMS Group LLC*, Woodbridge, Va.; Karsun Solutions LLC*, Herndon, Va.; KCK Technologies, LLC*, Fairfax, Va.; Kenific Group*, Fairfax, Va.; Kilda Group, LLC*, Annapolis, Md.; Kiple Acquisition Science Technology Logistics & Engineering dba Kiple Consulting*, Bel Air, Md.; Knowledge Capital Associates, LLC*, Springfield, Va.; Knowledge Management Inc.*, Tyngsboro, Maine; Kutta Technologies, Inc.*, Phoenix, Ariz.; KZF Design, Inc.*, Cincinnati, Ohio; LDM & Associates LLD dba LDM Group, LLC*, Bethesda, Md.; Leading Edge Solutions, LLC*, Fort Washington, Md.; Lee Defense Group, LLC  dba  Lee Defense Group*, Springville, Ind.; Lexicon Consulting, Inc.*, El Cajon, Calif.; Lightspeed Technologies dba LP3*, Fairfax, Va.; Links Media LLC dba Links Global*, Rockville , Md. ; Lixis Technology LLC*, Washington, D.C.; LLUCAS Corp.*, Washington, D.C.; Logistics Applications Inc.*, Alexandria, Va.; LR-Associates, LLC*, Alexandria, Va.; Lukos, LLC*, Tampa, Fla.; Lumbee Resource Management Group*, Jacksonville, Fla.; Lumbee Tribe Enterprises, LLC*, Pembroke, N.C.; M1 Support Services LP, Denton, Texas; MacDonald-Bedford LLC*, Alameda, Calif.; Macray Services and Solutions, LLC*, Washington, D.C.; Mansai Corp.*, Greenbelt, Md.; MartinFederal Consulting, L.L.C.*, Auburn, Ala.; Masy Group LLC*, Alexandria, Va.; Materials Sciences Corp.*, Horsham, Pa.; McFarland Technology, Inc.*, Murrysville, Pa.; McKenna Principals, Inc.*, Woodbridge, Va.; McKinney & McKinney Techical Services Inc. dba M&M Technical Services*, Woodbridge, Va.; McLane Advanced Technologies, LLC, Temple, Texas; McNally Industries, LLC*, Grantsburg, WI; MCS of Tampa, Inc. dba Mission Critical Solution*, Tampa, Fla.; MDM Technical Services Corp. dba SASI Defense Technologies*, Pittsburgh, Pa.; MDW Associates, LLC*, McLean, Va.; Meridian Technologies, Inc.*, Jacksonville, Fla.; MESMO Inc. dba MESMOLSS*, Waldorf, Md.; Metasystems, Inc.*, North Royalton, Ohio; MillerWilson Consulting, LLC dba MWC*, North Charleston, S.C.; Minerva Systems & Technologies, LLC*, Lexington, KY; Mobius Consulting, LLC*, Alexandria, Va.; Mobius Industries USA, Inc.*, Kirkland, Wash.; Morgan 6, LLC*, North Charleston, S.C.; Moriarty and Associates Consulting Corp. dba Moriarty and Associates*, Fairfax, Va.; MSDS Consultant Services, LLC*, Clinton, Md.; Murtech*, Glen Burnie, Md.; NATECH Network Solutions LLC*, Plano, Texas; National Technology & Service Group LLC*, San Diego, Calif.; Navigant Consulting, Inc., Chicago, Ill.; NAVTEC, Inc.*, Chula Vista, Calif.; NetCentrics Corp.*, Herndon, Va.; NetSecurity Corp. dba Netsecurity*, Dulles, Va.; Network Runners, Inc.*, Ashburn, Va.; Nevins Software , Inc.*, Morris, Ill.; Nexagen Networks Inc.*, Aberdeen, Md.; Nexus Technology Solutions, LLC*, Panama City Beach, Fla.; Nguyen Information Consulting dba Net-Integrated Consulting*, West Des Moines, IA; NLT Corp. dba NETCOM Group*, Springfield, Va.; North Star Group LLC*, Washington, D.C.; northRamp LLC*, Reston, Va.; Novitas Global Solutions LLC dba Novitas Group*, Reston, Va.; NSC Technologies, Inc.*, Portsmouth, Va.; ODME Solutions, LLC*, San Diego, Calif.; Old Breed, LLC*, Quantico, Va.; Operational Support Group*, Virginia Beach, Va.; OpTempo, LLC*, Stafford, Va.; Optima Global Solutions, Inc.*, Lawrenceville, N.J.; Ordnance Holdings, Inc.*, Reisterstown, Md.; Orion Networking Inc.*, Great Falls, Va.; P2P Holdings LLC dba TekPartners Government Solutions*, Coral Springs, Fla.; PAC Solutions*, Stafford, Va.; Pacific Rim Aerospace Corp. dba PacRim Aero*, Kirkland, Wash.; Patriot Maritime Compliance, LLC*, Concord, Calif.; Payne Consulting Inc. dba Payne Consulting Services*, Los Lunas, N.M.; PCI Strategic Management, LLC*, Columbia, Md.; Pegasus Support Services, LLC*, Woodstock, Ga.; Perceptium Group*, Fredericksburg, Va.; Perceptix, LLC*, Washington, D.C.; Perfecta Aviation, LLC dba PAVN*, Alexandria, Va.; Persistent Systems, LLC*, New York, N.Y.; Pharos Group, Inc.*, Stafford, Va.; Phoenix Data Security Inc.*, Phoenix, Ariz.; Phoenix Soft*, Phoenix, Ariz.; Pinnakle Technologies Inc.*, Naperville, Ill.; Pioneer Corporate Services, Inc.*, Ashburn, Va.; Pioneer Technologies Corp.*, Las Vegas, Nev.; Piping Systems International, Inc.*, Bay Minette, Ala.; PKL Services Inc.*, Poway, Calif.; POGO Inc.*, Oceanside , Calif.; Portage, Inc. dba Portage Environmental Inc., Idaho Falls, Idaho; Porter Scientific, Inc. dba Porter Environmental*, Pembroke, N.C.; Positioning Systems Research*, La Jolla, Calif.; Premier Professional Systems, Inc.*, Huntsville, Ala.; Premier Solutions HI, LLC*, Honolulu, Hawaii; PrimeTech International, Inc. *, North Kansas City, Mo.; Professional Performance Development Group, Inc., San Antonio, Texas; Professional Services of America Inc. dba Professional Services of America*, Parkersburg, W.Va.; Progressive Data Systems, Inc.*, Stafford, Va.; Promethean Technical Solutions, LLC*, Fredericksburg, Va.; Provideo Management, Inc.*, Tysons Corner, Va.; QualBlazer, LLC*, Alexandria, Va.; QSI, Inc. dba Quality Solutions Consulting Group, INC.*, Carlsbad, Calif.; QuickFlex Inc.*, San Antonio, Texas; R Dorsey & Co. dba R.DORSEY+Co.*, Worthington, Ohio; Ranger Aerofab, LLC dba Ranger Enterprises, Springville, Ind.; Rapier Solutions, Inc. dba Simplified Computing Systems*, Matthews, N.C.; RCT Systems, Inc.*, Linthicum, Md.; Red Tail, LLC*, Arlington, Va.; REK Associates, LLC*, Chantilly, Va.; RETTEW Associates, Inc.*, Lancaster, Pa.; Right Sized Solutions, Inc. dba RSSI*, Sterling, Va.; RightDirection Technology Solutions, LLC*, Baltimore, Md.; Risk Mitigation Consulting, Inc.*, Destin, Fla.; RLM Communications*, Spring Lake, N.C.; Rock Creek Research, Data Management and Analysis LLC dba Rock Creek Data*, Alexandria, Va.; RoundTable Defense, LLC*, Stafford, Va.; RSL Fibersystems LLC*, E. Hartford, Conn.; Sabel Systems Technology Solutions, LLC*, Gainesville, Va.; SABRE88, LLC*, Newark, N.J.; Saint Security Services, LLC*, Springfield, Va.; Sapient Government Services Inc., Arlington, Va.; SAPTA Systems LLC*, San Antonio, Texas; SAVID LLC*, Saratoga, Calif.; SCI Consulting Services, Inc. dba Software Control International, McLean, Va.; SciTech Services dba SciTech*, Havre de Grace, Md.; SDL Federal Solutions Inc., Reston, Va.; Sealund & Associates Corp.*, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Sektor Solutions, Inc.*, Arlington, Va.; SEMAC LLC dba SEMAC*, Virginia Beach, Va.; SENTAR Inc.*, Huntsville, Ala.; Shivan Technologies, Inc.*, Fairfax, Va.; SI Organization, Inc., King of Prussia, Pa.; Silverback7, Inc.*, Woodbridge, Va.; Six Degrees of Simulation, Inc.*, Orlando, Fla.; SofTec Solutions, Inc.*, Englewood, Colo.; Spartan Business & Technology Services Inc. dba Spartan Business & Technology Consulting*, Alexandria, Va.; Spectra Tech Inc.*, Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Spin Systems, Inc.*, Sterling, Va.; Spinvi Consulting, LLC*, Alexandria, Va.; Squires Group Inc.*, Annapolis, Md.; STARA Technologies, Inc.*, Gilbert, Ariz.; Stauder Consulting, Inc., dba Stauder Technologies*, St. Peters, Mo.; SteedPetro LLC*, Washington, D.C.; Storage Strategies, Inc. dba SSI*, Springfield, Va.; Strata G Solutions Inc.*, Huntsville, Ala.; Strategic Response Initiatives, LLC *, Albany, N.Y.; Strategy and Management Services Inc. dba SAMS*, Springfield, Va.; Strike Group LLC*, Detroit, Mich.; Strong Castle, Inc.*, Washington, D.C.; Strongbridge Corp.*, Sterling, Va.; Succeed to Lead, LLC*, Dumfries, Va.; SunMan Engineering, Inc.*, San Jose, Calif.; Sunrise Beach Corp. dba M2 Services Corp.*, McKinney, Texas; Synergy Aerospace, Inc.*, Lexington Park, Md.; Syntelligent Analytic Solutions, LLC*, Falls Church, Va.; Tactical Micro, Inc.*, Fredericksburg, Va.; Takontrol, LLC*, Annandale, Va.; Tanager, Inc.*, Annapolis Junction, Md.; Tandel Systems, Inc.*, Oldsmar, Fla.; Tantivy Systems Group Technologies, Inc. dba TSG Technologies*, Melbourne, Fla.; Tech Global, Inc.*, Rockville, Md.; Technical Professional Services, Inc.*, Wayland, Mich.; Technique Solutions, Inc.*, Martinsville, Va.; Tellus Solutions, Inc.*, Santa Clara, Calif.; TENICA and Associates, LLC*, Alexandria, Va.; Threat Defense LLC dba Threat Defense*, New Orleans, La.; Tidewater, Inc.*, Elkridge, Md.; Tilson Government Services, LLC*, Portland, Maine; TIME Systems LLC*, Washington, D.C.; TM3 Solutions*, Woodbridge, Va.; TMCI - The McVey Co., Inc. dba TMCI*, Fairfax, Va.; TMGE LLC*, Remington, Va.; Tolliver Group Inc.*, Winter Park, Fla.; Tompkins Consulting LLC dba TC Defense*, Arlington , Va.; Topologe*, Burlington, Mass.; TOTE Services, Inc., Moorestown, N.J.; Trace Systems, Inc.*, McLean, Va.; Trey Software*, La Jolla, Calif.; Trimech Services, LLC dba Trimech Services*, Glen Allen, Va.; Triple Canopy, Inc., Reston, Va.; Trusted Federal Systems, Inc.*, Greenbelt, Md.; TSO Armor and Training, Inc.*, Chesapeake, Va.; United Global Group Inc. dba United Global Group*, Fredericksburg, Va.; Universal Marine Leasing, Inc. dba Universal Marine*, Seaford, Va.; Universal Solutions International, Inc. dba USI*, Newport News, Va.; Universal Strategy Group, Inc.*, Franklin, Tenn.; Unlimited Services Systems Management & Consultants dba USSMC*, Glen Allen, Va.; Valytics, LLC*, Great Falls, Va.; Varen Technologies, Inc.*, Columbia, Md.; Varsant, Inc.*, Waldorf, Md.; Vasto Technologies, Inc.*, Fairfax Station, Va.; Vector Resources, Inc., Torrance, Calif.; Vectrona, LLC*, Virginia Beach, Va.; Venatore LLC*, Tampa, Fla.; Vesa Health & Technology*, San Antonio, Texas; Vion Corp., Herndon, Va.; Visual Soft, Inc.*, Vienna, Va.; VLS IT Consulting, Inc.*, Newark, Del.; VOR Technology, LLC*, Columbia, Md.; VPC Solutions, Inc.*, Dunn Loring, Va.; vTech Solution Inc.*, Chantilly, Va.; VXD Systems, Inc.*, Morganville, N.J.; W4 Limited L.P.*, Fort Worth, Texas; Warrant Technologies LLC*, Bloomington, Ind.; Webworld Technologies, Inc.*, Springfield, Va.; Wellington Federal, LLC*, Dumfries, Va.; Westcarb Enterprises, Inc.*, Springfield, Mass.; Woodbury Technologies, Inc.*, Clearfield, Utah; WPI Services, LLC dba Worldwide PRCH Ingration Services *, Juno Beach, Fla.; XOR Security, LLC*, Fairfax, Va.; Xpect Solutions, Inc.*, Bristow, Va.; YADARI Enterprises*, Fairfield, Calif.; Zephyr Media and Communications, Inc.*, Springfield, Va.; Zurka Interactive LLC*, Vienna, Va.; Kongsberg Gallium Ltd, Kanata, Ontario; Haka Inc.*, Honolulu, Hawaii; Science Applications International, Corp. (SAIC), McLean, Va.; A. Harold and Associates, LLC dba AHA*, Jacksonville, Fla.; A2Z, Inc.*, Virginia Beach, Va.; A-T Solutions, Fredericksburg, Va.; AAC Inc.*, Vienna, Va.; AAI Corp., Hunt Valley, Md.; AAMCORE Inc.*, Leesburg, Va.; Abbott On Call, Inc. dba AOC, Inc.*, Vienna, Va.; ABSG Consulting Inc., Arlington, Va.; Accenture Federal Services LLC, Arlington, Va.; Acquisition, Research and Logistics, Inc.*, Oxon Hill, Md.; ACTA, Inc.*, Torrance, Calif.; Adaptive Methods, Inc.*, Centreville, Va.; Addx Corp.*, Alexandria, Va.; Advanced Information Systems Group, Inc.*, Orlando, Fla.; Advanced Internet Marketing, Inc. dba GBS Group*, Virginia Beach, Va.; Advanced Systems Technology and Management, Inc.*, Vienna, Va.; Advanced Systems Technology, Inc.*, Lawton, Okla.; Affordable Engineering Services LLC, Coronado, Calif.; Agile Defense, Inc. dba Webster Data Communication*, Fairfax, Va.; ALEX-Alternative Experts, LLC*, Chantilly, Va.; Alpha Solutions Corp.*, Virginia Beach, Va.; ALTRON, Inc.*, Mt. Pleasant, S.C.; AM Pierce & Associates, Inc.*, Lexington Park, Md.; Amee Bay LLC*, Anchorage, Alaska; American Electronics, Inc.*, California, Md.; American Technical Services, Inc.*, Norco, Calif.; Amron Corp.*, McLean, Va.; Amyx, Inc.*, Reston, Va.; Analysis Modeling and Programming Sciences, Inc.*, Poway, Calif.; Analytic Solutions LLC*, Virginia Beach, Va.; Anchor Innovation, Inc.*, Virginia Beach, Va.; Andromeda Systems Inc.*, Virginia Beach, Va.; Antech Systems, Inc.*, Chesapeake, Va.; AOC Global Services, LLC*, Chantilly, Va.; Apextech, LLC.*, Arlington, Va.; Apogee Solutions, Inc.*, Chesapeake, Va.; Applied Engineering Management Corp.*, Herndon, Va.; Applied Logistics Services, Inc.*, Odon, Ind.; Applied Management Corp. dba AM*, Arlington, Va.; Applied Research Associates, Inc., Albuquerque, N.M.; Applied Technical Systems, Inc.*, Silverdale, Wash.; Applied Technology, Inc.*, King George, Va.; A-P-T Research, Inc. dba APT Research*, Huntsville, Ala.; Arinbe Technologies, Inc.*, Falls Church, Va.; Artisan Electronics, Inc.*, Gosport, Ind.; ASM Research, Inc., Fairfax, Va.; AT&T Government Solutions, Inc. dba AT&T, Vienna, Va.; Alliant Techsystems Operations LLC dba  ATK Tactical Propulsion and Control, Rocket Center, W.Va.; Atkinson Aeronautics & Technology*, King Geroge, Va.; Atlantic CommTech Corp.*, Norfolk, Va.; Atlas Executive Consulting, LLC*, North Charleston, S.C.; AUSGAR Technologies, Inc.*, San Diego, Calif.; Ausley Associates, Inc.*, Lexington Park, Md.; Automation Precision Technology, LLC dba A P T*, Norfolk, Va.; Avaya Government Solutions, Inc., Fairfax, Va.; AVIAN Engineering, LLC*, Lexington Park, Md.; Aviation Systems Engineering Co., Inc. dba ASEC*, Lexington Park, Md.; Avineon, Inc.*, McLean, Va.; AVW Technologies Inc.*, Chesapeake, Va.;  BAI, Inc.*, Alexandria, Va.; Battelle Memorial Institute, Columbus, Ohio; BGI, LLC*, Akron, Ohio; BLS Consultants, Inc.*, Virginia Beach, Va.; Brandes Associates, Inc.*, Lone Tree, Colo.; Baum, Romstedt Technology Research Corp. dba BRTRC, Fairfax, Va.; BSC Systems, Inc.*, Chantilly, Va.; Burr Business Solutions, LLC*, Enola, Pa.; CAE USA Inc., Tampa, Fla.; CALNET, Inc., Reston, Va.; Calvert Systems Engineering*, Prince Frederick, Md.; Camber Corp., Huntsville, Ala.; Cameron Bell Corp. dba Gov Solutions Group*, Daniel Island, S.C.; Capstone Corp., Alexandria, Va.; Cardno EM-Assist, Inc., Folsom, Calif.; Carley Corp.*, Orlando, Fla.; Carter-Lambert Divisions, LLC*, Waldorf, Md.; Celeris Systems, Inc.*, Anaheim, Calif.; Centerscope Technologies Inc. dba CenterScope*, Elkridge, Md.; Centurum Technical Solutions, Inc., Marlton, N.J.; CEXEC, Inc.*, Reston, Va.; CGI Federal, Inc., Fairfax, Va.; CGW Technologies, Inc.*, Great Mills, Md.; CJSeto Support Services, LLC*, Ventura, Calif.; Client Solution Architects LLC*, Mechanicsburg, Pa.; Client/Server Software Solutions, Inc. dba CSSS.NET*, Bellevue, Neb.; Coalition Solutions Integrated Inc.*, California, Md.; CodeLynx, LLC*, North Charleston, S.C.; Coherent Technical Services, Inc.*, Lexington Park, Md.; COLE Technology Corp.*, Fort Worth, Texas; COLSA Corp., Huntsville, Ala.; Command Decisions Systems & Solutions, Inc. dba CDS2*, Stafford, Va.; CommIT Enterprises Inc.*, Hughesville, Md.; Compass Systems, Inc.*, Lexington Park, Md.; Compliance Corp.*, Lexington Park, Md.; Concurrent Technologies Corp., Johnstown, Pa.; CORTEK, Inc.*, Fredericksburg, Va.; Cruz Associates Inc.*, Yorktown, Va.; CSSI, Inc., Washington, D.C.; Culmen International, LLC*, Alexandria, Va.; Cydecor, Inc.*, Arlington, Va.; D&L Services, LLC*, California, Md.; D&S Consultants Inc. dba DSCI, Eatontown, N.J.; D3 Technologies, Inc., San Diego, Calif.; Daniel H Wagner Associates, Inc.*, Exton, Pa.; DasNet Corp.*, Bohemia, N.Y.; Data Solutions & Technology Inc.*, Lanham, Md.; DataSource, Inc.*, McLean, Va.; Davis Defense Group*, Fredericksburg, Va.; Dawnbreaker, Inc.*, Rochester, N.Y.; Decision Technologies, Inc.*, Arlington, Va.; Decisive Analytics Corp., Arlington, Va.; Defense Holdings, Inc.*, Manassas Park, Va.; DEL REY Systems and Technology, Inc.*, San Diego, Calif.; Diamond Data Systems, LLC*, Metairie, La.; Diverse Technologies Corp.*, Upper Marlboro, Md.; DKW Communications, Inc.*, Washington, D.C.; Domenix Corp.*, Chantilly, Va.; DRPA Inc.*, Knoxville, Tenn.; Dyncorp International, LLC, Fort Worth, Texas; E. L. Hamm & Associates, Inc.*, Virginia Beach, Va.; Eagle Systems, California, Md.; Eastern Research Group, Inc., Lexington, Mass.; ECS Federal, Inc. dba E C S, Fairfax, Va.; EHS Technologies Corp.*, Moorestown, N.J.; EMSolutions, Inc. dba EMSolutions*, Arlington, Va.; EMW, INC.*, Herndon, Va.; Engineering Support Personnel Inc. dba ESP*, Orlando, Fla.; Enterprise Information Services, Inc. dba ESI, Vienna, Va.; Enterprise Resource Performance, Inc. dba ERPI*, Leesburg, Va.; EOIR Technologies, Inc., Fredericksburg, Va.; E S H Group Inc.*, Alexandria, Va.; ESRG Government Services, LLC dba ESRG*, Virginia Beach, Va.; Exceptional Software Strategies, Inc.*, Linthicum Heights, Md.; EXCET, INC., Springfield, Va.; Exelis, Inc., Herndon, Va.; Facchina Global Services, LLC, La Plata, Md.; Falconwood*, Arlington, Va.; Flatter & Associates, INC.*, Stafford, Va.; Forward Slope*, San Diego, Calif.; Fulcrum Corp.*, Arlington, Va.; Fulcrum IT Services, LLC, Centreville, Va.; G2 Software Systems*, San Diego, Calif.; Geographic Information Services, Inc. dba GIS*, Birmingham, Ala.; Geologics Corp., Alexandria, Va.; George Consulting, Ltd.*, Daniel Island, S.C.; Georgia Tech Applied Research Corp., Atlanta, Ga.; Global Business Solutions, Inc. dba GBSI*, Pensacola, Fla.; Global Services Corp., Fayetteville, N.C.; Global Systems Technologies dba GST*, Yardley, Pa.; Global Technology and Management Resources, Inc. dba GTMR*, Leonardtown, Md.; Goldbelt Hawk, LLC dba GBHAWK*, Newport News, Va.; Gnostech, Inc.*, Warminster, Pa.; GPA Technologies, Inc.*, Ventura, Calif.; Greenfield Engineering Corp.*, Leonardtown, Md.; Greenpak Development, Inc.*, Parkersburg, W.Va.; Greystones Consulting Group LLC dba Greystones Group*, Washington, D.C.; Grove Resource Solutions, Inc. dba GRSI*, Frederick, Md.; GSTEK Inc.*, Chesapeake, Va.; Harlan Lee & Associates*, Vienna, Va.; Harmonia Holdings Group LLC*, Blacksburg, Va.; Harry Kahn Associates, Inc.*, Hagerstown, Md.; HART Technologies Inc.*, Manassas, Va.; HDT Engineering Services, Inc., Fredericksburg, Va.; HEBCO, INC.*, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Herdt Consulting, Inc. dba Herdt*, Chelsea, Ala.; HI-TEST Laboratories, Inc.*, Arvonia, Va.; Holmes-Tucker International, Inc.*, Lexington Park, Md.; Homeland Security Solutions, Inc., Hampton, Va.; Honeywell Technology Solutions dba Honeywell, Columbia, Md.; HP Enterprise Services, LLC, Herndon, Va.; Hughes Associates, Baltimore, Md.; I-Prise Communications, Inc.*, Oxnard, Calif. ; IBASET*, Foothill Ranch, Calif.; II Corps Consultants, Inc. dba II Corps Consultants*, Locust Grove, Va.; ICF Inc., L.L.C., Fairfax, Va.; Imagine One Technology and Management LTD*, Colonial Beach, Va.; Information Planning Associates, Inc.*, Falls Church, Va.; Info Soft Systems Inc.*, Potomac, Md.; InfoReliance Corp., Fairfax, Va.; Information Management Resources*, Aliso Viejo, Calif.; Information Research Corp.*, Bridgeport, W.Va.; InnovaSystems International LLC, San Diego, Calif.; Innovative Aviation Services, Inc.*, Woodbridge, Va.; Innovative Decisions, Inc.*, Vienna, Va.; Innovative Logistics Support Services Corp.*, New Orleans, La.; IMS-Chas*, North Charleston, S.C.; Innovative Reasoning LLC*, Orlando, Fla.; Integrated Consultants Inc. dba ICI Integrated Consultants*, San Diego, Calif.; Integrated Systems Analyst dba ISA*, Alexandria, Va.; INTEKRAS, Inc.*, Sterling, Va.; Intelligent Decision Systems Inc.*, Centreville, Va.; intelliSolutions, Inc.*, San Diego, Calif.; Intergraph Government Solutions Corp. dba IGS, Madison, Ala.; International Business Machines Corp. dba IBM, Bethesda, Md.; International Systems Management Corp.*, Boyds, Md.; Interoptek, Inc.*, Huntsville, Ala.; ISPA Technology*, Centreville, Va.; ITA International LLC*, Yorktown, Va.; IZ Technologies, Inc.*, Sterling, Va.; J. M. Waller Associates, Inc., Fairfax, Va.; J.F. Taylor, Inc., Lexington Park, Md.; J5 Systems*, San Diego, Calif.; Jahn Corp.*, Lexington Park, Md.; Janus Research Group, Inc., Appling, Ga.; Jardon and Howard Technologies*, Orlando, Fla.; JBR Resources, LLC*, Carlisle, Pa.; JC3 Global, Inc.*, La Plata, Md.; Joint Research and Development, Inc.*, Stafford, Va.; Juno Technologies*, Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.; KAEGAN Corp.*, Orlando, Fla.; Kalman and Co., Inc., Virginia Beach, Va.; Kay and Associates, Inc., Buffalo Grove, Ill.; Ki Ho Military Acquisition Consulting, Inc. dba KIHOMAC*, Fairfax, Va.; King Technologies, Inc.*, San Diego, Calif.; Klett Consulting Group*, Virginia Beach, Va.; KMS Solutions, LLC*, Melbourne, Fla.; Knight Networking and Web Design, Inc. dba Knight Networking*, Marlton, N.J.; Knowledge Engineers, Inc.*, Alexandria, Va.; KOAM Engineering Systems, Inc.*, San Diego, Calif.; Kratos Defense & Rocket Support Services, Inc., San Diego, Calif.; Liberty Business Associates, LLC*, North Charleston, S.C.; LinQuest Corp., Los Angeles, Calif.; Linxx Global Solutions, Inc., dba Linxx Security*, Virginia Beach, Va.; Logistics Management Institute dba LMI, McLean, Va.; Logis-Tech, Inc.*, Manassas, Va.; Logistic Services International, Inc. dba LSI, Jacksonville, Fla.; Logistics Support Inc.*, Arlington, Va.; Long Wave Inc.*, Oklahoma City, Okla.; Loyola Enterprises Inc.*, Virginia Beach, Va.; LTM Inc.*, Havelock, N.C.; M.C. Dean, Inc., Dulles, Va.; M2 Consulting Corp*, San Diego, Calif.; MAC Consulting Services, Inc.*, Fairfax, Va.; MacAulay-Brown Inc., Dayton, Ohio; Main Sail, LLC*, Cleveland, Ohio; Maintenance Inspection Services, Inc.*, Morganton, N.C.; Management & Engineering Technologies International, Inc. dba METI*, El Paso, Texas; Management Consulting Inc. dba MANCON, Virginia Beach, Va.; MANDEX Inc.*, Fairfax, Va.; Manufacturing Engineering System, Inc dba MES*, Rockville, Md.; Manufacturing Techniques, Inc. dba M-TEQ, Kilmarnock, Va.; Marine Acoustics*, MIddletown, R.I.; Maritime Applied Physics Corp.*, Baltimore, Md.; MARKON, Inc.*, Falls Church, Va.; Marlin Alliance Inc.*, San Diego, Calif.; Marshall Communications Corp.*, Ashburn, Va.; MCR Federal LLC, McLean, Va.; Merdan Group, Inc.*, San Diego, Calif.; Metamorphosis Group Inc.*, Vienna, Va.; Metron Inc.*, Reston, Va.; Metson Marine Services, Inc.*, Ventura, Calif.; MI Technical Solutions*, Chesapeake, Va.; MicroTechnologies, LLC dba Microtech, Vienna, Va.; Mid Atlantic Engineering Technical Services, Inc.*, Chesapeake, Va.; Mikel*, Fall River, Mass.; MIL Corp., Bowie, Md.; Millennium Corp.*, Arlington, Va.; Milli Micro Systems, Inc. dba Mms Tactical*, Northridge, Calif.; MILVETS Systems Technology*, Orlando, Fla.; Minerva Engineering*, Mesa, Ariz.; Modern Technology Solutions, Inc., Alexandria, Va.; Momentum Inc.*, Camp Hill, Pa.; MPR Associates, Inc., Alexandria, Va.; MTG Services, Inc.*, Lakehurst, N.J.; MTS Technologies*, Arlington, Va.; Mutual Telecom Services Inc. dba Black Box Network Services, Needham, Mass.; MYMIC*, Portsmouth, Va.; KSH Solutions Inc.*, San Antonio, Texas; Nakuuruq Solutions LLC*, Herndon, Va.; Nathan Kunes, Inc.*, Coronado, Calif.; National Sourcing, Inc.*, Tampa, Fla.; Naval Systems, Inc.*, Lexington Park, Md.; NCI Information Systems, Inc., Reston, Va.; Netzer Russell Consulting, LLC*, Ridgecrest, Calif.; Next Wave Systems, LLC*, Pekin, Ind.; Oak Grove Technologies LLC*, Raleigh, N.C.; Object CTalk*, King of Prussia, Pa.; Odyssey Systems Consulting Group LTD., Wakefield, Mass.; Oldenburg Group Inc. dba Oldenburg Lakeshore, Kingsford, MI; Omnitech Solutions, Inc.*, Bethesda, Md.; Opal Soft Inc.*, Sunnyvale, Calif.; Organizational Strategies Inc. dba OSI*, Arlington, Va.; Overlook Systems Technologies, Inc.*, Vienna, Va.; P3I, Inc., Hopkinton, Mass.; PAL Services*, O Fallon, Mo.; Parsons Government Services Inc., Pasadena, Calif.; Patrona Corp. dba Patrona*, Arlington, Va.; PCCI Inc.*, Alexandria, Va.; PC Engineering, Inc.*, Panama City, Fla.; Penobscot Bay Media LLC dba Pen Bay Media*, Rockland, Maine; Phacil. Inc., Arlington, Va.; Phoenix Group Of Virginia, Inc. dba PGV*, Chesapeake, Va.; PAL Technologies Inc. dba Pal-Tech*, Arlington, Va.; Potomac-Hudson Engineering Inc.*, Gaithersburg, Md.; Prairie Quest Consulting*, Fort Wayne, Ind.; Precise Systems*, Lexington Park, Md.; Predicate Logic*, San Diego, Calif.; Preferred Systems Solutions, Vienna, Va.; Prism Maritime LLC*, Chesapeake, Va.; Professional Solutions1, LLC dba Professional Solutions, Alexandria, Va.; Professional Systems Associates, Inc.*, Panama City, Fla.; Progeny Systems, Manassas, Va.; Programs Management Analytics & Technologies, Inc. dba PMAT*, Norfolk, Va.; Prometheus Co.*, Lexington Park, Md.; PSI PAX INC.*, California, Md.; Puritan Research Corp.*, Vienna, Va.; Quadelta*, Arlington, Va.; Quantum Professional Services*, San Diego, Calif.; R & D Training and Technical Services, Inc.*, Virginia Beach, Va.; R&K Solutions, Inc.*, Roanoke, Va.; Radiance Technologies, Inc., Huntsville, Ala.; Research Analysis and Engineering, LLC*, Arlington, Va.; RAM Laboratories*, San Diego, Calif.; RBC*, Alexandria, Va.; Regis & Associates, PC*, Washington, D.C.; Reliability & Performance Technologies LLC dba RP Technologies*, Dublin, Pa.; Reliable Government Solutions Inc.*, Beltsville, Md.; Renaissance Sciences Corp.*, Chandler, Ariz.; Rentfrow Inc.*, Ventura, Calif.; Research and Engineering Development, LLC, Lexington Park, Md.; RGS Associates, Arlington, Va.; RNB Technologies, Inc., Stafford, Va.; ROH Inc.*, Arlington, Va.; Rohrbach Group, Inc.*, Poway, Calif.; ROI Consulting LLC*, Mullica Hill, N.J.; Rollout Systems, LLC*, California, Md.; S4 Inc.*, Burlington, Mass.; Saalex Corp dba Saalex Solutions*, Camarillo, Calif.; Sabre Systems, Inc., Warrington, Pa.; SAM Inc.*, College Park, Md.; San Diego Community College District dba San Diego City College, San Diego, Calif.; Savvee Consulting, Inc.*, Chantilly, Va.; Sayres and Associates*, Washington, D.C.; SBG Technology Solutions*, Stafford, Va.; Schafer Corp. dba WJ Shafer and Associates, Chelmsford, Mass.; SDS International Inc.*, Fredericksburg, Va.; Secure Mission Solutions, LLC. Dba SMS, N. Charleston, S.C.; Sentek Consulting Inc. dba Sentek Global*, San Diego, Calif.; Serrano IT Services*, Omaha, Neb.; ShadowObjects LLC*, Leonardtown, Md.; Sierra Management and Technologies, Inc.*, California, Md.; Silver Bullet Solutions Inc.*, Arlington, Va.; Simulation Systems Technologies, Inc. dba SSTI*, Voohees, N.J.; SITE, LLC dba Systems Intgrtion Tech Evltion*, Arlington, Va.; Smartronix, Inc., Hollywood, Md.; Solution Engineering Associates, Inc. dba SEAI*, Lexington Park, Md.; Sotera Defense Solutions Inc., Herndon, Va.; Sound & Sea Technology, Inc. dba Sound & Sea Technology*, Lynnwood, Wash.; Southwest Research Institute dba SWRI, San Antonio, Texas; Spalding Consulting, Inc.*, Lexington Park, Md.; Spatial Integrated Systems Inc. dba SIS*, Virginia Beach, Va.; Specialty Systems*, Toms River, N.J.; Spectrum Technology Group, Inc.*, Gaithersburg, Md.; SRI International, Menlo Park, Calif.; Standard Calibrations, Inc.*, Chesapeake, Va.; Stargates Inc.*, Arlington, Va.; STG Inc., Reston, Va.; STIMULUS Engineering Services, Inc.*, Loogootee, Ind.; Strategic Analysis, Inc., Arlington, Va.; Strategic Data Systems dba SDS*, San Diego, Calif.; Strategic Technology Institute Inc. dba STI*, Rockville, Md.; Stratom Inc.*, Boulder, Colo.; Subsidium, Inc.*, Luray, Va.; Summit Technical Solutions, LLC*, Colorado Springs, Colo.; Sunset Design & Programming Inc. dba Sunset Design*, Oxnard, Calif.; Support Systems Associates, Inc.*, Melbourne, Fla.; Survice Engineering Co., Belcamp, Md.; Symvionics Inc.*, Arcadia, Calif.; Synergy Software Design, LLC*, Washington, D.C.; Systems Documentation, Inc.*, Piscataway, N.J.; Systems Engineering & Management Co. dba SEMCO*, Vista, Calif.; Systems Engineering Support  dba SESCO*, San Diego, Calif.; Systems Planning and Analysis, Inc., Alexandria, Va.; Systems Plus, Inc.*, Rockville, Md.; SRA International Inc. dba SRA, Fairfax, Va.; Sysytems Technology Forum, Limited*, Fredericksburg, Va.; Tactical Engineering & Analysis, Inc.*, San Diego, Calif.; Target Media Mid Atlantic Inc. dba Target Systems*, Mechanicsburg, Pa.; Technical Software Services, Inc.. dba TECHSOFT*, Pensacola, Fla.; Tech Wizards, Inc.*, Newburg, Md.; Technical and Project Engineering, LLC dba TAPE*, Alexandria, Va.; Technology and Management International, LLC dba TAMI*, Toms River, N.J.; Technology Associates International Corp. dba TAIC, Carlsbad, Calif.; Technology Security Associates Inc.*, California, Md.; Technomics*, Arlington, Va.; Tekla Research Inc.*, Dumfries, Va.; Teleconsultants Inc.*, Chesapeake, Va.; TELESIS Corp.*, Beltsville, Md.; Tetra Tech EMC, Inc. dba Tetra Tech EMC, Camarillo, Calif.; Thornberry Consulting, LLC*, Mount Airy, Md.; TIE Today, Inc.*, Oviedo, Fla.; Technology Program Services Associates, Inc.*, Whiting, N.J.; Transformation Systems Inc.*, Arlington, Va.; TRANSTECS Corp.*, Wichita, Kan.; Tri-Force Consulting Services Inc.*, Lansdale, Pa.; Triton Services, Inc.*, Annapolis, Md.; Triumph Enterprises, Inc.*, Fairfax, Va.; Trofholz Technologies, Inc.*, Rocklin, Calif.; Truston Technologies, Inc.*, Broussard, La.; T-Solutions, Inc.*, Chesapeake, Va.; Turner Strategic Technologies, LLC*, Norfolk, Va.; TWM Associates, Inc.*, Falls Church, Va.; Unconventional Concepts, Inc.*, Mary Esther, Fla.; Unified Industries Inc.*, Springfield, Va.; Unisys Corp. dba Federal Systems, Reston, Va.; Universal Consulting Services, Inc.*, Fairfax, Va.; Universal Technical Resource Services, Inc. dba UTRS, Cherry Hill, N.J.; Valkyrie Enterprises, LLC*, Virginia Beach, Va.; Vaughn Management & Services, Inc.*, Camarillo, Calif.; VectorCSP, LLC*, Elizabeth City, N.C.; Veteran Enterprise Technology Services, LLC dba VETS*, Vienna, Va.; Vision Point Systems, Inc.*, Blacksburg, Va.; Visual Concepts LLC*, Ventura, Calif.; Vox Optima, LLC*, Albuquerque, N.M.; VT AEPCO Inc., Alpharetta, Ga.; W R Systems, Ltd., Fairfax, Va.; Washington Technology Group, Inc.*, Silver Spring, Md.; Web Business Solutions Inc.*, Fredericksburg, Va.; Whitney, Bradley & Brown Inc., Reston, Va.; WGS Systems LLC*, Frederick, Md.; Wyle Laboratories, Inc., Huntsville, Ala.; X-Feds, Inc.*, San Diego, Calif.; Zekiah Technologies, Inc.*, La Plata, Md.; Zimmerman Associates, Inc. dba ZAI, Fairfax, Va.; Accelerated Development & Support Corp. dba ADS*, Arlington, Va.; Applied Computing Technologies, Inc.*, Alexandria, Va.; Artemis Consulting, LLC*, San Diego, Calif.; BTP Systems, LLC*, Ludlow, Mass.; Caelum Research Corp.*, Rockville, Md.; Cape Henry Associates, Inc.*, Virginia Beach, Va.; Collins Consulting, Inc.*, Schaumburg, Ill.; Craig Technical Consulting, Inc. dba Craig Technologies*, Cape Canaveral, Fla.; Dynamic Analytics and Test, LLC*, Arlington, Va.; GCC Technologies, LLC*, Oakland, Md.; Global Defense, Inc. dba GDI*, Arlington, Va.; J3S, Inc.*, Georgetown, Texas; KPMG LLP, McLean, Va.; Kros-Wise*, San Diego, Calif.; Marine Systems Corp.*, Boston, Mass.; Monroe Defense Industry Consulting, Inc.*, Colonial Beach, Va.; Natural SPI Inc.*, Tucson, Ariz.; Navmar Applied Sciences Corp., Warminster, Pa.; NS Software Services Inc. dba Stiltmart Learning Management Services*, Pensacola, Fla.; Ohm Systems, Inc.*, Horsham, Pa.; Orqid Consulting & Associates, Inc.*, San Diego, Calif.; Pacific Science & Engineering Group, Inc.*, San Diego, Calif.; Quality Innovative Solutions, Inc. dba QI-Solutions, QISI*, Oxnard, Calif.; Referentia Systems Inc.*, Honolulu, Hawaii; S & K Technologies, Inc.*, Saint Ignatius, Mont.; Sedna Digital Solutions, LLC*, Manassas, Va.; Softcomm Inc. dba Softcomm*, San Diego, Calif.; Solers, Inc., Arlington, Va.; SOLUTE dba SOLUTE Consulting*, San Diego, Calif.; STS International, Inc.*, Berkeley Springs, W.Va.; System Planning Corp., Arlington, Va.; Systems Technologies, Inc., West Long Branch, N.J.; TechFlow, Inc.*, San Diego, Calif.; Tecolote Research, Inc., Goleta, Calif.; Tek Source USA, Inc.*, Tampa, Fla.; Wakelight Technologies, Inc.*, Honolulu, Hawaii; Analysis Group, LLC, Falls Church, Va.; Salient Federal-SGIS, Inc. dba SGIS, San Diego, Calif.; Vector Planning and Services, Inc.*, San Diego, Calif.; Investment Management Enterprise Inc.*, Richmond, Va.; iO Technologies, Inc.*, Dahlgren, Va.; Electromagnetic Compatibility Management Concepts dba EMC Management Concepts*, Sterling, Va.
BSC Partners LLC,* Binghamton, N.Y., is being awarded a $30,456,711 firm-fixed-price Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase III contract under Topic #03-190 entitled Helicopter Operations Aircrew/Crew Chief Trainer.  The objective of this SBIR effort is to design, fabricate, install, and test four MH-60R Naval Aircrew Training Systems and three MH-60S Aircrew Virtual Environment Trainer (AVET) devices and upgrade the original SBIR Phase III delivered AVET S/N 1 to the AVET S/N2 baseline configuration for commonality.  This effort also includes training, contractor field services, contractor phone support and spares for all devices.  Work will be performed in Orlando, Fla. (45 percent); Binghamton, N.Y. (30 percent); San Diego, Calif. (13 percent); Norfolk, Va. (6 percent); Jacksonville, Fla. (3 percent); and Mayport, Fla. (3 percent), and is expected to be completed in December 2019.  Fiscal 2013 aircraft procurement, Navy contract funds in the amount of $30,456,711 are being obligated on this award, none of which will expire at the end of the current fiscal year.  This contract was not competitively procured pursuant to FAR 6.302-5.  The Naval Air Warfare Center Training Systems Division, Orlando, Fla., is the contracting activity (N61340-14-C-0002).
PPG Industries, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pa., is being awarded an $8,916,209 indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract with firm-fixed-price task orders to provide paints, coatings, solvents, preservation products, and engineering/technical services for Military Sealift Command (MSC).  PPG Industries Inc., shall provide paint products and services for MSC ships and any other government-owned or government-chartered ships designated by MSC.  This contract includes four 12-month option periods, which if exercised, would bring the cumulative value of this contract to $44,516,439.  Work will be performed worldwide and is expected to be completed Sept. 30, 2014.  If all option periods are exercised, work will continue to September 2018.  Working capital contract funds are subject to availability of fiscal 2014 funding, and funds will expire at the end of that fiscal year.  This contract was competitively procured via solicitation posted to the Military Sealift Command’s procurement website and the Federal Business Opportunities website, with and four offers received.  The Military Sealift Command, Washington, D.C., is the contracting activity (N00033-14-D-8010).
Emprise Corp., Ledyard, Conn., is being awarded an $8,739,750 indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract with cost-plus-fixed-fee task orders for support services in the areas of maintenance, reliability and system engineering services, and engineering and technical services.  This contract will provide support services to Military Sealift Command vessels, as well as other U.S. Navy and government owned vessels worldwide.  This contract includes one 12-month option period and two six-month option periods, which, if exercised, would bring the cumulative value of this contract to $26,719,053.  Work will be performed in Ledyard, Conn., and on board vessels located worldwide, and work is expected to be completed Nov. 19, 2014.  If all option periods are exercised, work will continue through November 2016.  Working capital contract funds in the amount of $100,000 are obligated for fiscal 2014, and will expire at the end of the fiscal year.  This contract was competitively procured via solicitation posted to the Military Sealift Command, Navy Electronic Commerce Online and Federal Business Opportunities websites, with more than 170 companies solicited and two offers received.  The Military Sealift Command, Washington, D.C., is the contracting activity (N00033-14-D-8005).
Ensign-Bickford Aerospace and Defense Co., Simsbury, Conn, is being awarded an $8,650,874 firm-fixed-priced contract for five sizes of low-hazard linear shaped charges.  The low-hazard flexible linear shaped charges are used to produce a linear cutting action in various applications where remote, fast and reliable cutting of obstacles and other targets is required.  Work will be performed in Nortonville, Ky., and is expected to be completed by November 2018.  Fiscal 2013 procurement of ammunition, Air Force contract funds in the amount of $553,500 will be obligated at time of award and will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year.  This contract was competitively procured via the Federal Business Opportunities website, with two offers received. Naval Surface Warfare Center, Crane, Ind., is the contracting activity (N00164-14-D-JR10).