Friday, May 23, 2014

Navy gets BK 117 helicopter

BK 117 helicopter of the Navy of Colombia (ARC-218)

May 22, 2014 (Webinfomil) - After an accident in December 2012 and after countless months of repairs and inspections, the helicopter MBB/Kawasaki BK 117 tuition ARC-218 belonging to the Navy of Colombia was returning to service thanks to the hard work and tireless officers and aviation technicians of the institution. 
The helicopter was involved in an emergency landing in a rural area between the towns of Salamis and Pinion, located in the department of Magdalena; where he suffered considerable damage to its mechanical part.
The aircraft remained at the site of the emergency guarded by Army troops for three days, while looking for the most optimal way to evacuate the area. Finally thanks to the cooperation of the Army, the place was evacuated by means of lifting slings for MI-175V helicopter of Army Aviation.
El BK-117
The MBB / Kawasaki BK117 is a transport helicopter / medium sized utility with two engines. It is a joint development between MBB, Germany, (now part of Eurocopter) and Kawasaki of Japan. BK117 The first flight was in 1977 and since then have built almost 400 helicopters.
It is a seven-passenger twin-engine aircraft with autonomous flight of three hours a cruise speed 250 mph and a load capacity of 3.5 tonnes. It has a rear door to take advantage of the ample cargo space. They have manufactured many variants of this model, both for civil and military market. It is also used as a rescue helicopter and healthcare.
The helicopter was built for the Navy in 2005 after a long process of modernization and maintenance, which will be incorporated special features to operate warships of the Navy.

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