Wednesday, June 11, 2014

NARHVALEN and NORDKAPEREN The last Danish-built submarines - New book from the Danish Defence Museum

The two submarines of the NARHVALEN (Narwhal) class, NARHVALEN and NORDKAPEREN, marked in many ways the zenith of the Danish submarine force.
With their small size, modern machinery, eight torpedoes and an ability to stay at sea for a prolonged period of time, the two submarines were tailored for operations in the Baltic. The fact that they were also the last warships built at the Naval Dockyard only makes their story more interesting.
This book describes the two boats life in the navy, from their construction during the Cold War to their decommissioning nearly 40 years later. The book describes their machinery, sensors, weapons, the life on board, and not least how the boats would have been used in the defense of Denmark if the Cold War had become hot.

Among the contributors are a number of former submarine commanders who give their personal stories about their time in the two submarines.

NARHVALEN and NORDKAPEREN - the last Danish-built submarines contains more than 90 photographs and illustrations, most of which have not previously been published.

145 pages.
ISBN: 987-87-89022-53-6
Language: Danish
Price: 299 dkr.
Statens Forsvarshistoriske Museum,

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