Monday, June 30, 2014

Naval Legends and the Next Generation of Innovators: Introducing the First Recipient of the Raytheon-Zumwalt Scholarship

Tewksbury MA June 30, 2014 - In selecting an icon for younger generations to emulate, one has to look no further than Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr. The Admiral, who in his role as Chief of Naval Operations, was a transformational leader widely recognized for modernizing the U.S. Navy.
In tribute to the revolutionary contributions of the man and the ship-class that bears his name, the DDG 1000, Raytheon has established the Raytheon-Zumwalt Scholarship to support naval families and champion the educational pursuits of future scientists, technologists and engineers who exemplify Zumwalt's legacy.
As the first recipient of the Raytheon-Zumwalt Scholarship, Harrison Ballard embodies all that the scholarship stands for: dedication, hard work and commitment to academic excellence. Ballard is the son of a retired naval officer, and despite a relocation his senior year in high school to accommodate his father's military career, graduated high school as class salutatorian. He joins Duke University's Class of 2018 pursuing a science degree.
"It was with great pride I learned that you have become the first recipient of the Raytheon-Zumwalt Endowed Scholarship Award," said James G. Zumwalt, son of the late Admiral Zumwalt, upon learning of Ballard's mark of distinction. "My late father devoted his life, both in and out of uniform, to positively impacting on the lives of his fellow man. It is my hope you embrace such a philosophy of selflessness as you embark upon your life's career."
As a technology and innovation leader, Raytheon proudly supports the educational goals of today's college-bound students and encourages their pursuit of a degree in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. Through this scholarship, Raytheon is committed to inspiring the next generation of innovators to make great contributions to the country's future in the spirit of Admiral Zumwalt.

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