Thursday, July 24, 2014

Andrew Weir Shipping wins contract for the support and maintenance of HMS Protector


Andrew Weir Shipping Ltd is pleased to announce that they have been awarded the contract for the support and maintenance of HMS Protector (A173), following a competitive tendering process. HMS Protector is the Royal Navy’s Ice Patrol Ship, and is deployed on operations for 334 days per year. The vessel was chartered from commercial service by the Royal Navy in April 2011, and purchased outright in September 2013. HMS Protector’s home port is HMNB Devonport.In addition to the support of scientific bases in Antarctica, HMS Protector is also equipped for patrol, survey and humanitarian tasking. In 2012 the vessel came to the aid of a Brazilian research station on KingGeorgeIsland in the South Shetland Islands following a fire.Andrew Weir Shipping has operated in the British maritime industry for almost 130 years. The company is involved in diverse projects, ranging from the support of the UK Ministry of Defence’s Strategic Sealift Service, the operation of the last true Royal Mail Ship, the RMS StHelena, and the management of private yachts up to 163m.In their capacity of ship and yacht managers, AWS support a wide variety of operations through technical support and the arrangement of vessel refits, purchasing of stores and services, provision and management of crew and regulatory compliance. The company operates and is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 Quality and Environmental standards.In partnership with the Ministry of Defence, AWS will support HMS Protector with the emphasis being placed on ensuring the availability of the vessel for operational deployment. AWS’ long-term experience in maintaining the continuity of service of the UK Strategic Sealift vessels and the RMS St Helena will be put to good use in ensuring the availability of HMS Protector.AWS will be responsible for delivering the availability by ensuring that maintenance is completed on schedule, the planning and supervision of refit periods and the purchase and supply of spare parts and consumable stores to the vessel. In addition, AWS will be directly involved in any design changes to the vessel and if required assist with emergency response situations in partnership with Steller Systems Ltd who will provide emergency naval architecture support. Andrew Weir Shipping Managing Director Steve Corkhill commented “Andrew Weir Shipping is proud to announce the successful bid to provide our services to the Ministry of Defence. We are looking forward to working with the Naval Authority and the crew of HMS Protector to support the UK’s presence in the Antarctic.

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