Thursday, July 24, 2014

Call for maritime history presentations, New England Regional World History Assn October 25

On October 25, the New England Regional World History Association (NERWHA) will be holding a seminar on "Industrialization and World History" hosted by Middlesex Community College and the University of Massachusetts Lowell, in Lowell, Massachusetts.
The organizers recognize that industrialization transformed maritime interchanges and cultures in many ways, and I have been invited to gather a panel on Maritime Cultures and Industrialization in World History for the occasion.
There are any number of approaches one might take to this subject: mass production of merchant and naval ships in wartime; the Punic/Marsala wreck as evidence of proto-industrial shipbuilding techniques in ancient Carthage and Rome; the transformation of the shipyard from artisanal workshop to industrial factory; and so on.
This is an excellent opportunity to present your findings to some of the foremost world historians (and most congenial historians anywhere), and to build on the foundation of this past spring's NERWHA symposium on "Maritime Civilizations in World History."
For more information, see the CFP below. Please feel free to contact or symposium organizer David Kalivas if you have any questions.

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