Friday, July 25, 2014

Implementation of Russian-Italian project small submarine S-1000 suspended - CKB "Rubin"

Implementation of Russian-Italian project small submarine S-1000 suspended - CDB
MOSCOW, July 25. (ARMS-TASS). Jobs Russia and Italy to build a diesel-electric submarine (SSK) small displacement S-1000 indefinitely suspended. In an interview with Itar-Tass General Director of OAO "CKB" Rubin "Igor Villeneuve. 
"Unfortunately for us, because a certain political situation, this project has been suspended," - he said.
Villeneuve said that Russian and Italian experts have developed a cheaper craft project S-1000, equipped with foreign equipment, but without the Russian missile complex "Club" (Club, export analog "Calibre") and attendant electronics.
"In the first half was to be held the next meeting of the Russian-Italian working group, but at the request of Italy, it is postponed indefinitely," - said General Director of CDB "Ruby."
According to him, this fall is scheduled the next annual meeting of the Russian-Italian commission on military-technical cooperation, which must pass in the Apennines.
"If it goes through, it means that the situation is back to normal, and we look forward to continuing cooperation with Italian partners," - said Villeneuve.
Joint project to develop a small displacement diesel-electric submarine was launched by the Italian firm "Fincantieri" (Fincantieri) and CDB ME "Rubin" in 2004, S-1000 is designed for operation in tropical conditions, among the islands, mainly in shallow waters. The concept - high combat effectiveness, ease of operation and low cost. The boat crew - 16 people, plus 6 special units. Length - 56.2 m, the outer diameter of the pressure hull - 5.5 m, displacement submerged - 1,100 m, maximum depth - over 250 m, maximum speed - over 14 knots.

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