Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Delayed delivery of new equipment to the cruiser "Marshal Ustinov"

Russian Navy photo

August 27, 2014 - Delivery of some units on the missile cruiser "Marshal Ustinov" passing repair center repair "asterisk", lingers. Nevertheless, the company deliberately to finish the job in the previous time frame. 
Progress repair According to the official blog of the press service of "Sprockets". "Replaced more than a hundred kilometers of cable routes, - the report says. Mounted four of the six gas turbine, the fifth shipped the other day. Plant started painting the superstructure." Now there is a new build antenna systems, replacement of the defective cable. Under the electrical work presented five compartments in the presentation of eight. By the end nearing for the preparation of positions and cutting equipment for loading, the amount of which is estimated in hundreds of units. In the near future shipbuilders are ready to begin installation of antennas. "By the end of this year the main task remains the completion of all work under the reception on board the power" - note on the "star". Moreover, according to the press service, the sixth gas turbine was a delay. Designed for "Ustinov" unit fleet ordered to use on another ship, so the timing of its installation moved to the end of September. In addition, a six-month supply is delayed desalination plant. "These wires with a complete set of systems do not give the possibility to builders brew technology cuts. As a result, delayed the start of work on the formation of engine rooms, posts and flues, difficult and electrical work," - said on the "star". "Completion of the ship, meanwhile, remains the same - 2015 ", - said the press service. On the "Star" "Marshal Ustinov" came in July 2011. Cruiser passes at Severodvinsk shipyard restoration technical readiness with replacement navigation system. Initially renting "Ustinov" Navy assumed in 2014, but in late 2013 it became clear that the real volume of repairs far exceeded the originally planned. Therefore, the change was moved in 2015. cruiser "Marshal Ustinov" (Project 1164, code "Atlas") came into operation in the fleet in 1986. Displacement of the ship is 9800/11300 tonnes. Speed ??- 32 knots, cruising range - 6800 miles, autonomy - 30 days, the crew - 476 people, including 62 officers. The main weapon - cruise missiles "Basalt". It was assumed that the cruiser can be transferred from Severomorsk to Vladivostok to reinforce the group of surface ships of the Pacific Fleet. 

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