Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sweden Denies Permission for Russian STV Sedov to Berth - Official Snub for Ukraine?

The Swedes took the sailboat "Sedov" for a military vessel
Russian Navy News

August 12 famous Russian training sailing ship "Sedov" was not able to dock at the port of Trelleborg, Sweden due to the failure of the naval forces of Sweden set the vessel into the territorial waters of the Kingdom. 
Official reason for the denial was that the barque "Sedov", according to the Swedish Navy , is a military ship that enters the territorial waters is prohibited. This position was a complete surprise not only to guide the Murmansk State Technical University (shipowner barque "Sedov"), but also for those on board the mayor of Trelleborg Ulf Bingsgarda and Port Captain Tommy Halen, at the invitation of which the crew and cadets sailing planned to take part in activities with officials and residents of the city. Due to the refusal of entry into the territorial waters of Sweden, it was decided to follow in the Polish port of Gdynia, in accordance with the approved time schedule training flight. It should be noted that the incident did not affect the performance of shipboard training of cadets. A visit to the port of Trelleborg intended solely for representational purposes only and does not imply replenish fuel barge and logistics. four-masted barque "Sedov" (the first name of the vessel "Magdalena Vinnen") was built in a shipyard in Kiel Krupp (Germany) in 1921 with the purpose of transportation bulk cargo between Europe and South America, Australia, Southeast Asia and Oceania. In 1936, the barque was purchased by the shipping company "Norddeutscher Lloyd." The new owner has equipped the ship Kubrick 70 cadets and started using it at the same time as a cargo and training. Bark was given a new name - "Kommondor Johnson." After World War II, the USSR was "Kommondor Johnson" for repair, along with two other German sailing vessels: four-masted barque "Padua" (now "Krusenstern") and the ship "Gorch Fock" (now " comrade "). Since 1946, the barque "Sedov" is used solely for educational purposes for the training of cadets civilian educational institutions maritime profile. 

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