Monday, September 15, 2014

Keel Laid for First Project 11982 AGOR


St Petersburg September 15, 2014 (Google Translation) - At a ceremony held at the new shipbuilding ground of "Pella" attended by Chief of the deep-sea research Ministry of Defense, Vice Admiral Burilichev AV, commander of the military unit Serikov Gennady, representatives of CMDB "Diamond", "of" Tethys -About "NGOs" Aurora ", the management of" Pella ". 
Ship is being built by order of the Russian Navy, and in 2016 will be transferred to government customers. 
The vessel is designed for testing of special technical equipment to participate in search and rescue operations, carrying out research and oceanographic studies. 


The main technical parameters: 
Length overall 63.8 m 
Breadth 10.8 m 
Draft of approx 3.8 m 
Speed ​​of approx 12.0 knots 
Symbol class KM Ice 2 - Arc May 1 AUT 1 FF2 WS according to the classification of the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping. 
Cruising range of 1,000 miles 
Autonomy reserves of provisions and fresh water 20 days 
The crew of 16 people 
Expedition of 20 people

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