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Nuclear icebreaker future

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Those who think that icebreakers are needed only for the salvation of drifting scientists or smeared in oil penguins are badly mistaken. Their value in the modern navigation is difficult to overestimate. Then you and the laying of the road in the ice for merchant ships and oil exploration and scientific research. All "trumps" the future series of icebreakers LK-60YA - material "RG".

The traditions

A new type of nuclear-powered icebreakers LK-60YA is heir to a gorgeous line of vessels of "Arctic". The six ships were and are proud national designers. Not surprisingly, the next "first in everything" Crusher ice into the water in Russia.
Currently build LC-60YA shipyard Baltic plant over 50 percent of its launching is scheduled for 2018.
The very development of the project of the new vessel was carried out since the early 2000s, in the difficult financial conditions of the crisis. Meanwhile, the cost of the lead ship LK-60YA will cost the state a decent amount - 37 billion rubles. In fairness, we note that the money spent is not just. Firstly, the new icebreaker will sail under the Russian flag at least 40 years - that is how much of the increased battery life. Secondly, the project 22220 is able to enter the mouth of the Siberian rivers due to the unique for this class of ships variable sediment.

Mass and energy

Project 22220 is considerably heavier previous courts, it is made for a better balance of weight and power of the ship.More weight - more kinetic energy and less chance of an icebreaker to be squeezed out of their "rut" ice blocks. Along with the increased weight and size of the ship, including its hull was extended. Now heavy tankers safely able to go on a course for the LK-60YA - spread relatively small blocks of ice icebreaker tankers bypass side.
By increasing the width of the body designers have created a smaller draft of the vessel, she is only 9 meters. With this ice storm can safely go into the mouth of the northern rivers and escort merchant ships.
By the way, in the LC-60YA will be used one more know-how of Russian engineers - double draft of the vessel. For its implementation needs a dynamic liquid ballast. With its low ship, if the float will rise up, and be able to swim where foreign icebreakers sit firmly aground. Conversely, the ballast will be more, the heavier boat. This option is required for passage through the thick ice giant.


The dominant species

One of the main tasks for the future possibility of year-round ice-breaker was put navigation along the Northern Sea Route, as the type of "Arctic" is not able to do so due to lack of ice-covered. A LC-60YA can break ice up to 2.9 meters, which should be enough for a continuous connection between the Far East and the European part of Russia. In the future, this will lead to the development of trade with Asian countries.
Technical stuffing LK-60YA impressive. For example, the reactor plant RITM-200 - is the pride OKBM name Afrikantov. Its development took more than five years, but wait a work of art worth. Firstly, nuclear fuel LK-60YA be missed by as much as 7 years to three and a half at the ships of the past generation. Even the much-touted Canadian Navy icebreaker CCGS John G. Diefenbaker, the descent of which is scheduled for 2017, will be able to swim without a change of nuclear fuel for only 5 years.
Secondly, experts OKBM provide unprecedented reactor safety. Protection of the core will consist of several layers - water, concrete and steel. If the state of emergency does happen, help on-board computer, which has no analogues in the world. Artificial intelligence is able to calculate the consequences of any interference in the affairs of the reactor, including the most fabulous.
And still on the ship in addition to the scientific and research equipment will run movie theater, two swimming pools, sauna, billiard room and library. Employees icebreaker can only envy.
Russia - the dominant power of the icebreaker fleet. Suffice it to say that we have such vessels as much as in all countries of the world combined. Moreover, among the foreign colleagues competitors future LC-60YA in near future is foreseen. For example, the flagship of the Swedish Oden is almost the same size. He loses LK-60YA "only" 60 meters in length, but the stuffing, provided its modernization will not be able to compete with the Russian giant, even in theory.Chinese giant Xue Long seems to be more than the Swede, but thick ice is not fit at all - more than 80 inches of ice thickness and holes in the hull inevitable. German Polarstern and its American namesake Polar Star tolerably plow ice and displacement are not offended, but technically obsolete, in fact it is - floating museum.


Of all trades

The largest icebreaker in the world of male-60YA still under construction, but after launching the rest he did not have.
Thus, in the unique marine oil platform "Prirazlomnaja" from December 2013 are extracted first Russian Arctic oil. To fully realize the potential of the platform, which can produce up to 400 thousand tons per year, a continuous and year-round support sent out tankers. Now paving the way for the use of two or even three icebreakers, which are sometimes still powerless in the thick ice. LK-60YA do the task alone.
In an interview CEO "Rosatomflota" Vyacheslav Ruksha said he expects to sevenfold increase in trade due to year-round use of the Northern Sea transport route. Why not make SMP transport artery, which would have been competitive on a par with the Suez Canal? All prerequisites with the release of new icebreakers for this appear. Earlier in the winter ships, following, for example, from Murmansk to Japan, had to use the canal in Egypt, then in 2018 you can surf on the ice of our northern seas. After all, the difference between these routes more than significant - 37 days via the Suez Canal, against only 17 via the NSR.
Some experts associated with the launching of the first LC-60YA more than tenfold increase in traffic the Northern Sea Route, which is more than 30 million tons of cargo. Who knows, maybe in 15 years it is with the help of our new icebreakers northern corridor will become a full-fledged leader of the sea trade.
Ilya Schogolev 
published: "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", http://www.rg.ru/2014/09/01/ledokol-site.html

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