Friday, September 26, 2014

Two Killed as Bolivian Navy Tug Capsizes

Bolivian Navy

September 24, 2014 (Google Translation) - The rescue operation that triggered the Navy of Brazil and the Bolivian Navy after the sinking of the tug TNR 12 in the Paraguay-Parana waterway with 27 passengers on board, this morning found the bodies of journalist Lilian Ortega and Soto Cadet Churata Jesus Quispe, today confirmed Defence Minister Ruben Saavedra.
"He is doing an investigation by the Navy to establish the circumstances of this accident ... unfortunately this incident, which has also caused the loss of these two lives has happened," he told Radio Panamericana.
Ortega and Quispe traveling in Bolivia vessel sank yesterday after having started on Monday with a cruise to the port of Asuncion in Paraguay. The rest of the crew and passengers were rescued alive.
The communications director of the Bolivian Navy captain Javier Torrico, explained during a contact with Fides radio that both bodies were found "in their cabins" and announced that an operation started transfer of his remains to Bolivia.
The minister said Saavedra yet the reasons of the accident and the situation in which Ortega was investigated in the boat, "although we initial information as I was invited."
"Deeply regret that the death of this fellow journalist has occurred and convey our condolences to his family," he added.
He also announced that the Navy began an investigation to establish the circumstances under which the sinking of the tug and information summaries commander of the Naval Academy and the commander of the vessel began.

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