Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Bangladesh is going to buy Russian submarines and naval aircraft

October 27, 2014 (Google Translation) - Bangladesh intends to discuss with Russia the purchase of her aircraft for naval aviation, as well as two diesel-electric submarines Bangladeshi Information Minister Hasanul Haque Inu said in an exclusive interview to Tass.
"We need a ship for naval aircraft and for the needs of naval aviation, because the security of our maritime borders is now a priority, and we are not prepared to wait any longer - he stressed. - We are also considering the purchase of two diesel-electric submarines (SSK) in finished form. Russia could become a supplier of such submarines. "
According to Ina, purchases can be carried out by intergovernmental agreement and based on the results of the tender. "If the negotiations with the Russian side we will be able to agree on the price and other details, then we are ready to go on the first way", - explained the minister, refusing, however, to name the date when the relevant negotiations begin.
Inu expressed the hope that "the future of Russian-Bangladeshi military-technical cooperation will not only be to supply finished products, but also accompanied by the transfer of technology and training." "Traditional supplier of military products in Bangladesh is China, which accounted for about 50 percent of our total imports in this area. Thus, progress in this area progress with Russia will allow us to reduce our dependence on the defense industry in one country, "- said the Minister. Earlier Bangladeshi media reported that the issue of procurement of submarines also discussed with China.
In January 2013, a visit to Moscow, the Prime Minister, Minister of Public Administration, the Minister of Defense and the Armed Forces of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina, following which it was agreed to expand military-technical cooperation with Russia in this country. In addition, it was announced that the Russian Federation will provide Bangladesh a loan of $ 1 billion, which will go to the purchase of Russian weapons and military equipment.

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