Monday, October 27, 2014

CAPTAS Family of Low Frequency Sonar

An excellent performance against quiet submarines to achieve any anti-submarine warfare missions including escort, area  sanitization and own force protection.




CAPTAS family
  • The only LFA VDS in service in NATO countries
    More than 30 CAPTAS systems already ordered

Selected by:
Norwegian Navy (CAPTAS-2 on NNF)
Royal Saudi Navy (CAPTAS-2 on F4000)
UK Royal Navy (CAPTAS-4 on T23)
French Navy (CAPTAS-4 on FREMM)
Italian Navy (CAPTAS-4 on FREMM)
Royal Moroccan Navy (CAPTAS-4 on FREMM)

CAPTAS-4 / S2087 selected by the US Navy for ADM contract on LCS programme


A rugged design for sea operations, which allows the ASW units to transmit and receive at the right depth to maximize the detection of extremely quiet submarines.
The system is designed to deploy the arrays at optimum depth to continuously survey 360 degrees with a well covered water column, thus, overcoming harsh propagation conditions and surface-layer problems inherent to Hull-Mounted Sonar.


System features:
• For platforms > 1500T
• Can be operated from CMS Multi-Function Consoles
• A single winch to tow both the transmit Tow Body and the receive
• Bottom safety warning function
• Integrated On-Board-Training capability
• Performance prediction function for sonar optimisation
• Comprehensive Built-in Test capability

Transmit array features:
• High Source Level thanks to 2 Free Flooded Rings
• 360° bearing omni-directional transmission
• Low reverberation effect, due to its vertical directivity

Receive Triplet Array Features:
• Instantly resolves right/left ambiguity issue


  • Active Frequencies: 900 to 2100 Hz
  • Bandwidth: Wide bandwidth against reverberation effect (up to 640 Hz)
  • Range scales: Up to 144 kYds
  • Pulse lengths: 1 to 16s
  • Pulse Modes: FM, CW and COMBO
  • Operational limits: Up to sea state 6
  • Operating depth: Up to 250m
  • Detection performance: Beyond first oceanic convergence zone 

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