Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Greek Ministry of National Defence Announcement on the Missile Boats at Elefsis Shipyards

Athens October 20, 2014 - The Ministry of National Defence has disbursed the total amount for the missile boats to Elefsis Shipyards. The employees who will participate in a scheduled meeting with the competent bodies of the Hellenic Navy on Tuesday, October 21, are fully aware of that. 
This makes clear that the financial difficulties of the employees are absolutely due to the employers of Elefsis Shipyards. 
Nevertheless, in the current year, following the regular efforts made by the Hellenic Navy and its services to achieve the accomplishment of the required construction works and the integration of the boats to the Fleet, as well as to ensure the working perspectives of Elefsis Shipyards’ personnel, the Ministry of National Defence considers and promotes plans and proposals. 
The solution proposed by the Hellenic Navy is realistic, legitimate and the employees agree with it, whereas the leadership of the Shipyards disagrees, although the latter has not yet achieved the agreement which it should have with the subcontractors for the construction of the missile boats, except the missile boat “Ritsos” which is ready for launching. 
The permanent concern of the Ministry of National Defence is to reinforce the Hellenic Navy and the Armed Forces and to contribute to the shipbuilding industry and its workers.
It is clear that the Ministry of National Defence does not owe even one euro for the completion of the building of missile boats and it is oddly reported that the employee’s wages have not been paid. Moreover, it is clear that the Ministry of National Defence promotes a relevant legal amendment with a sense of responsibility. 

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