Thursday, October 9, 2014

Russia Begins Face Saving Exercise Over Mistrals
October 9, 2014 (Google Translation) - Russian seamen who are studying in France, management of helicopter type "Mistral", complain of a strong pitching, even with little excitement. This was reported by a source in the Pacific Fleet, where the ship should arrive after the transfer of the Russian side. Experts told the Central Navy Portal with which it can be connected.
"At first glance, it's insufficient initial stability. At the same time there are large amplitude roll with long periods," - said military expert, doctor of technical sciences, Victor Dubrovsky. - If you keep in mind that the Russian helicopters require placement in the hangar with the high altitude, it is logical to assume that an increase in the height of the hangar just increased the height of the freeboard. In this case, of course, it was necessary to recalculate the initial stability. " Interlocutor Central Navy Portal said that problems with the stability of a can be detected even before going out to sea. For this is the procedure inclining - an artificial slope of the hull for the experimental determination of the center of gravity. however, in the case of the Mistral is worth noting another possible problem - increased vetroboynost caused by making changes to the design of the board. "If there is a breeze, but there are no waves, the ship can still be shaken," - said Dubrovsky. Boris Shmelev, chief designer of the aircraft carrier "Vikramaditsya "doubts that the stability of" Mistral "influenced the rise of the deck." Of course, when the center of gravity rises, changing parameter metacentric height, which is one of the criteria for stability of the vessel. In this case, pitching becomes smoother, but more amplitude. However, changing the height of the deck at 20 cm could not give any fundamental changes, "- said the expert. TSVMP Another interviewee said that the decision to purchase "Mistral" was made ??without the necessary tests, so the experts were not able to assess in advance the stability of the helicopter. "In Russia, no ship will berth at the plant until after the model tests in the pool. There, under the conditions of artificial excitement, the overall model is tested for seaworthiness, handling and other parameters. As far as I know, such events with the "Mistral" in Russia have not been conducted. But these things are calculated theoretically impossible, "- said General Director Advisor Krylovskogo Scientific Center Valery Polovinkin. Specialist believes the decision to acquire" Mistral "policy, and the ship - visually ugly. "Search in the decision to purchase a military helicopter or techno-economic feasibility is not sense, it is a political decision. The ship itself is visually unattractive, it is obvious that it must initially be influenced by emotion. In this situation, the rise of the deck for a few tens of centimeters, the situation is not exacerbated, "- said Valery Polovinkin. Recall that the contract for the supply of two helicopter was signed by the French state company DCNS and the "Rosoboronexport" in 2011. Its cost amounted to 1.2 billion euros. The first ship - "Vladivostok" - should go into service of the Russian Navy in 2014, the second - "Sevastopol" - in 2015. Russian sailors in an amount of more than 400 people came to the French Saint-Nazaire June 30, and their first access to the sea for helicopter "Vladivostok" took place on 14 September. DVKD type "Mistral" has a displacement of 21,000 tons, a hull length of 210 meters. ship capable of speeds over 18 knots (about 33 kilometers per hour). Cruising range - up to 20 thousand nautical miles (about 37,000 kilometers). Crew - 160 people, additional helicopter can carry another 450 people. Air group includes 16 helicopters, six of which can be simultaneously placed on the flight deck.

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