Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lewis B. Puller Successfully Completes Float-Off

US Navy

San Diego November 7, 2014 - The Navy's third Mobile Landing Platform (MLP), Lewis B. Puller successfully completed launch and float-off at the General Dynamics National Steel and Shipbuilding Co. (NASSCO) shipyard Nov. 6.
Lewis B. Puller is the first afloat forwarding staging base (AFSB) variant of the MLP. The ship is designed around four core capabilities - aviation, berthing, equipment staging area, and command and control - and optimized to support a variety of maritime missions.
"The maturity and stability of the Mobile Landing Platform shipbuilding program has allowed for the smooth transition to the afloat forward staging base variant," said Capt. Henry Stevens, Strategic and Theater Sealift program manager, Program Executive Office, Ships. "Even with the design changes to accommodate the increased capability, this ship is on track deliver on cost and on schedule."

US Navy

The design of the AFSB variant adds a flight deck, berthing, fuel storage, equipment storage, and repair spaces. With a rotating crew of civilian mariners and military personnel the ship can operate forward almost continuously, providing a base of operations for everything from counter-piracy/smuggling, maritime security, and mine clearing to humanitarian aid and disaster relief.
During float-off, the launching dock was slowly flooded with water until the ship could freely float for the first time. Following launch, the ship will complete its construction and then go to sea in 2015 to complete a series of at-sea test and trials prior to delivery in 2015.
As one of the Defense Department's largest acquisition organizations, PEO Ships is responsible for executing the development and procurement of all destroyers, amphibious ships, special mission and support ships, and special warfare craft. Delivering high-quality war fighting assets - while balancing affordability and capability - is key to supporting the Navy's Maritime Strategy.

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