Monday, November 10, 2014

Midshipman Lermontov ready for testing

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October 29, 2014 (Google Translation) - Landing craft "Midshipman Lermontov", built for the Baltic Fleet at the Yaroslavl shipyard, arrived in Baltiysk - the main base of the Baltic Fleet to pass mooring and sea plant tests.
This was announced today TASS spokesman BF captain 2 rank Vladimir Matveev.
The crew of "Midshipman Lermontov" together with representatives of the manufacturer's test the functionality of all systems and mechanisms to ensure the combat readiness of boats and livelihoods of seafarers, as well as his agility and speed capabilities.
This is the third ship of the project 21820, its characteristics unparalleled in the world, which will join the combat strength of the connection amphibious ships in the Baltic.
A similar boat - "Denis Davydov" - the first in a series of new landing craft air-cavity has already completed state testing and soon will be a part of the Baltic Fleet. Another boat - "Lieutenant Roman Korsakov" - going through a factory sea trials in the Baltic Fleet naval landfills.
Project 21820 landing craft designed for high-speed transfer of the sea and landing on unequipped coast troops, wheeled and tracked vehicles. High speed boats provided by the presence of air cavities on the bottom, powerful diesel engines and vented water jets.
"Midshipman Lermontov" has a full displacement - 280 tons, maximum length - 45 m, the largest width - 8.5 m, the maximum speed at wave height of 0.75 m - 35 knots. Maximum cruising range of boats - 500 nautical miles, carrying capacity - 140 tons.

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