Wednesday, December 10, 2014

BAP Tacna Commissioned at Den Helder

Peruvian Navy photo

On December 4, at the Naval Base in Den Helder (Holland) asserted held the national flag of BAP Logistics Ship Tacna (ARL-158). From now on, this ship will travel the world's oceans flying the Peruvian flag.
In the transcendental ceremony at the flight deck of the unit, attended the Defence Minister Peter Cateriano Bellido and its counterpart in the Netherlands, Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert; the General Commander of the Navy of Peru, Admiral Carlos Tejada Mera, among others.
After the lowering of the flag of the Netherlands, the signing of the transfer of this unit to the Navy of Peru and then performed the hoisting the national flag was made.
Then the naming ceremony of the first Commander of the Ship Logistic BAP was performed Tacna, mission which went to Captain Marco Chacon Bejar. The godmother of the Peruvian unit was Mrs Joan Williams de Tejada, who gave him a present reminder to the brand new Commander.
It should be noted that the December 29 in a major ceremony at Naval Base of Callao Peru arrive at the BAP Tacna, momentous event that will substantially increase not only the capabilities of permanence of the units of the Fleet in the areas of operations, it will be extremely useful in case of natural disasters due to its capacity of fuel, diesel and aviation, water, dry goods and refrigerated. It also has a floating nursing and ability to perform medical evacuations.
The Ship Logistic B.A.P. Tacna (ARL-158) - ex HNLMS Amsterdam (A-386), was built in the shipyards Merweide, Hardinxveld and Royal Schelde (Netherlands) 1992-95. It entered service in the Royal Netherlands Navy on September 2, 1995, being acquired by the Navy of Peru in June 2014.
It has a length of 166 m, a width of 22 m. and a depth of 8 m, estimated displacement at full load 17,000 tons. The propulsion borne by two diesel-Burmeister & Wain Bazan 24,000 HP which give a speed of 22 knots. The scope - 20 knots - is 13,440 nautical miles. The crew is 160 men. It can carry 6,815 ton. diesel and 1,660 ton. aviation fuel and 290 tons of cargo. It is equipped, among others, surface surveillance radar, ESM Ferranti AWARE-4 and chaff launchers SRBOC MK-36 systems. Plus offers a wide flight deck and hangar capable of accommodating three helicopters Agusta-Bell 412SP or a pair of SH-3D Sea King.
The armament of BAP Tacna is composed of two machine guns Browning M-2HB 12.7 mm. and CWIS SGE-30 Goalkeeper of 30 mm. This struggle missile system - based on the GAU-8 Avenger - weighs 6,800 kg, capacity 360 degrees and works in fully automatic mode. The rate of fire is 4,200 dpm (1,190 ammunition ready to fire) and lethality range covering from 200 m. to 3 km, with a shot capacity estimated 75 rounds per second.

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