Friday, December 26, 2014

New ROK Navy Base (Google Translation)

Jeju naval base in Ulleungdo progress status Jeju Bosporus

Jeju military bases that the composition is made by 2015. Looking at the gongjeongryul April 2014 neomgyeotgo 50% to 60% would like to do neomgyeotdago September would close at the end of December to 70%. I captured of the information reported in the Jeju MBC and then map gongjeongryul of 60% seems to be passed. The captured parts of the screen shown in Jeju MBC is out-of-region accommodation. To out-of-region accommodation for officers and NCOs and single exterior wall construction shows that nearly ended. 
In the following map aerial photos that are estimated to have climbed around June 2014. No matter the place for the out-of-region shows a hostel appearance. For the breakwater east, west, south breakwater that was caught in the form east breakwater concrete phase difference seems to have maxed out the remaining part seems to have. South breakwater is shown to proceed in filling the caisson some looks that filled it. Standing up to the end of the breakwater is seen as concrete fill. When compared to the magnitude of the breakwater pier is gone now, giving you the feeling of beginning. Submarine docks to look out the large selection Park Pier progress is not progress is underway. MAIN Navy submarine support facilities, maintenance facilities, military police, for duty, dormitory, welfare, religious facilities did not proceed the progress. The map is shown to have been a lot of progress now 6 am around the map. (Click image to enlarge)
Looking at the 2015 defense budget Jeju 5,600 million won and 298 billion Bosporus been formulated seems to proceed with the rest.
The Jeju naval base and naval base construction is taking place separately from Ulleungdo original completion time in 2015. Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs is 217.5 billion won, and the Department of Defense 1000 versus 345 billion each method has a naval base is constructed of a 300m long private pier. Sadonghang primary construction is finished here I drive to build 2 has a construction site next map is not visible. Originally completed in 2015 inde year is likely to be so delayed completion 2016. 

As from 2014 into the construction boyeojyeo construction seems to be not much progress. Here is shown to be anchored in place by a couple pretending to Incheon next class frigates. Sometimes King Sejong the Great class is also anchored mooring as is possible and seems to belong to a catch of the Coast Guard. Private 5,000-ton passenger ship is moored 3 that the scale is possible. Poor design of the Phase II part I'm not sure that is reflected in hayeotdago may require design modifications in the Navy. 

Once completed, the Navy is the naval base in Ulleungdo is shown to be able to gain access to the islets is fast approaching. Most of the border is always another show that is possible and can be done quickly spread. 
Ulleung airport as runway length 1100m, 80m wide in scale construction and plans to build the Pohang and elated about half of the runway can be operated 50 passenger aircraft, and the size of the Ulleung airport invested 493.2 billion won by 2020. In the case of the Ulleung airport is completed is shown to be possible even if only for civilian aircraft take-offs and landings. A fighter must be at least 1,100m to 1,500m to the landing. If malyijyo yigetjiman 2,000m stable overall. However, the length of the aircraft, depending on the political situation in one days is shown to be able to vary. The one hand, there will be may not be filed due to the necessity of a military airport tanker introduced. Ulleung Island, the Navy 118 The Early Warning Squadron stationed helicopter equipped with a ramp and two helicopters, landing is possible.
Compared to the fierce opposition of the Jeju naval base and military bases Ulleungdo Ulleungdo airport construction can be seen that too quiet. 

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