Friday, January 23, 2015

US Coast Guard Acquisition Updates

Acquisition Update: Fabrication Starts For Coast Guard's Seventh National Security Cutter

Fabrication of the Coast Guard's seventh national security cutter, Kimball, began Jan. 19, 2015, marking the official start of the cutter's production phase. Production will continue over the next three years with delivery scheduled for early 2018.

Acquisition Update: U.S. Achieves Highest Coverage Standard With Rescue 21 System

The Coast Guard's Rescue 21 direction-finding communications system has achieved Sea Area A1 standards, indicating that radio communications coverage can be expected within 20 miles of most of the U.S. coast.

Acquisition Update: 12th Fast Response Cutter Delivered To Coast Guard

The Coast Guard accepted delivery of the 12th Sentinel-class fast response cutter, Isaac Mayo, in Key West, Florida, Jan. 13.

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