Friday, February 6, 2015

FS Marne Becomes Third SNMG2 Replenishment Ship

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Training in the implementation of arms
After the support of the French aircraft carrier battle group of 13 to 24 January 2015 during the deployment phase to Port Said and a stop at Piraeus in Greece, the command and supply ship (BCR) Marne is now integrated within the NATO forces SNMG2 (Standing Nato Maritime Group).
This will be the third integration for Marne after a mission in the eastern Mediterranean in June 2014 and participation in NATO Exercise Noble Mariner off the Spanish coast in October 2014.
Presentation of the USS Vicksburg for a replenishment at sea

Currently composed of American frigates, Canadian, Italian, Turkish and Spanish as well as German and Spanish tanker, the patrol group in Central Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea and conducts joint exercises with NATO forces.
Beyond logistical support to the sea, the Marne  participate in several years (artillery, helicopter maneuver ...) in order to maintain the expertise allied. Thus, the next scheduled stop in Split in Croatia (NATO member countries since 2009) will be an opportunity for a joint exercise with the Croatian Navy.
The integration of a French vessel in the SNMG2 force is always a rewarding operational experience from a tactical point of view, but also logistics. It allows to maintain our ability to work in joint and to affirm our commitment to NATO. Indeed the fight against trafficking and terrorism is one of the major tasks of SNMG2 through Operation Active Endeavour.
Replenishment at sea with the USS Vicksburg.
Sources: © French Navy 

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