Monday, March 2, 2015

Ankara Testing New Greek Government (GOOGLE Translation)

Turkey helps recent naive to realize ...

Any illusions about peaceful coexistence with unaccommodating neighbor shall end in the most violent manner, as Ankara took care practice to signal the in Greece naive about how "work" international relations, where over of smiles and polite gestures diplomats, or beliefs of some of the policies that they want to "feel good" and negotiations can bring peace in the Aegean, there is competition for economic resource, the distribution of which is always done with the "law" of the powerful.
As it became known from the exclusive publication of Nikos Study in the newspaper " Ethnos Sunday", the Turkish government NOTAM issued on 27/2, binding until the end of time a large area of the Aegean Sea, stretching from Skyros to Limnos for 10 whole months to be used to perform exercises and firing range, violating international law and Greek sovereign rights.
In essence Ankara pursues this action to "cut in half" of the Aegean, while "making" that wishes to pass, not only violating Greek airspace, but even Greek territory! Rightly so, the foreign ministry sources valued the Turkish energy as apparent escalation and as one of the most serious challenges of Turkey.
The Government, after consulting the Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras and the Foreign Minister, Kotzia Nick, made ​​the strongest representations to the EU, NATO, the ICAO and the UN . In the evening, yesterday, the negative answer given and in Ankara and even in high tones, as reported diplomatic sources.
As noted from Athens, Turkey:
> Binds entirely a vast range of Greek FIR, where only Greece has the right to issue a NOTAM.
> Usually Turkey bound areas for a short time, but now the time horizon until 31-12- 2015 is unprecedented.
> The development of the firing range divides the northern from the southern Aegean
> The development decisively affect airways g-33 and N -130 creating problems or risks in aviation.
> The final score line, not only goes through international airspace and international waters, but also of national airspace and national waters, but mainly includes soil of Lemnos . Practically this means a threat of war, because if it is not a clerical Turkish threat is especially great. Why theoretically part of the territory, southeast of Lemnos, can be used as a firing range for the Turkish aircraft.
> Flagrantly violates international law .
The new Turkish challenge comes just 24 hours after requirement Ankara on Italian ship Explora to request permission to perform fiber optic immersion project south of Crete in the Greek continental shelf.

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