Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Northern Fleet Names New Tugs for Hockey Coaches

St Petersburg March 10, 2015 - The Northern Fleet held an official naming ceremony for two new tugs, the Ministry of Defence press office said. The two newest ice-class sea-going tugboats of project 02790 entered service with the Northern Fleet in 2014. The vessels were named after the famous Russian hockey coaches: "MB-134" was named "Viktor Tikhonov" and "MB-135" - " Anatoly Tarasov. Nameplates will be attached soon.
New seagoing tugs were completed in December 2014 at the Leningrad region based Pella Shipyard and commissioned into service with the Northern Fleet.
Project 02790 vessels displacement is 860 tonnes. LOA - 34 m, beam - about 13 m. Tugboats are intended for towing ships, floating facilities offshore and in port waters. The multipurpose tugs can participate in search and salvage operations, assist in fire fighting at floating and onshore facilities and breaking 0.8-m-thick ice at a speed of up to 5 knots.
JSC Pella Shipyard based in Russia’s Leningrad region was founded in 1950. In 1992 Pella was privatized as Pella Holding Co. comprising the parent company and several subsidiaries. The shipbuilding firm specializes in building harbor tugs with rated power of 1,000-5,000hp, pusher tugs, escort tugs, pilot boats and rescue boats for Russian and foreign customers.

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