Saturday, March 14, 2015

PyroGenesis Announces that it has Completed its Second Commercial Waste Destruction System to be Installed on the future USS John F Kennedy


Montreal March 12, 2015 - PyroGenesis Canada Inc. announced today that it has completed the fabrication of its second commercial Marine Plasma System for the US Navy.  This System is to be installed on aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy (CVN 79).
Of note, PyroGenesis' client, Newport News Shipbuilding, a division of Huntington Ingalls Industries, visited PyroGenesis three times this past fall, not only to perform quality inspections of the System before accepting delivery, but also to discuss future onboard support services with PyroGenesis. "Our relationship with the US Navy is expanding beyond providing waste destruction systems, installation support, commissioning and testing," said Philippe Beaulieu , Project Manager of PyroGenesis. "We are also in discussions to provide technical support and spare parts over the ships' 50-year life, as well as developing an ongoing educational/certification program in system operations.  This speaks to our internal goal of being cash flow positive from recurring revenues alone by 2017."
"We should all be proud of having our waste destruction system chosen by such a discerning customer; a customer who has all the technologies in the world to choose from, and has chosen to place PyroGenesis' plasma-based system on such a high tech platform.  Having PyroGenesis, a Canadian company, as the environmental solution is an accomplishment all Canadians can be proud of; akin to having the Canadian Space Arm as part of the International Space Station," said P. Peter Pascali , President and CEO of PyroGenesis.
"Although one would not build a business solely on procurements based on aircraft carrier builds, it does provide a cornerstone of credibility.  Being accepted by the US Navy and chosen to be in the design of these "next generation" aircraft carriers, demonstrates a level of credibility in our abilities that no one in our space can boast of," added Pierre Carabin , Director of Engineering of PyroGenesis.

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