Friday, May 1, 2015

HNLMS Tromp Joining SNMG2

The naval ship Zr. Ms. Tromp left this morning from Den Helder to join one of the standing NATO fleet relationships. The air defense and command frigate continues until June at the Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 in the Baltic Sea.
The Tromp leaves the port of Den Helder.
In late June the momentum Tromp to another flotilla, the Standing NATO Maritime Group 1. Who is in the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. Here remain the Dutch to late August.

To reassure

The fleet relationships in existence for some time, but the fleet on the Baltic Sea fits well within the reassuring measures proclaimed by NATO. This happened after the annexation of the Crimea by Russia. It was stated that more military and naval presence in the region is desirable. This was partly to reassure the Baltic NATO partners. 

Nice practice session

The multinational fleet ventures provide the maritime component of the NATO rapid reaction force. Thanks to this permanent, standing NRF alliance can quickly and flexibly respond to security situations. The fleet associations also participate in ongoing NATO operations and intelligence gathering in the region. In addition, they are a pretty international practice session for the participants.
Family and friends waving the Tromp and her crew out.

Zr. Ms. Tromp

Zr. Ms. Tromp is an air defense and command frigate The Seven Provinces class. The defense function means that the ship can protect an entire flotilla against threats from the air. The command function means that the ship aboard the amenities for a complete operational staff of a complete fleet.

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