Thursday, May 7, 2015

The world's largest amphibious hovercraft fulfilled shooting in the sea

Russian Navy

May 6, 2015 - Small landing craft air cushion (MDKVP) "Eugene Kocheshkov" in the delivery of coursework tasks successfully completed artillery firing ranges in the sea of ??the Baltic Fleet, said the head of the department of information support of the press service of ZVO Baltic Fleet Captain 2nd Rank V. Matveev
While out to sea the crew made a successful artillery fire on sea surface and air targets. Shooting carried out 140 mm launchers of the "fire" (an analogue of the marine-type multiple rocket launchers "Grad") special buoy field, simulating an enemy shore battery, as well as 30 mm of automatic AK-630 at air targets simulating aircraft imaginary enemy.
As air targets were luminous bombs SAB-250, presented in the form of garland with luminous elements and supplied Sukhoi Su-24 naval aviation of the Baltic Fleet.
Artillery firing carried out within the framework of working out elements of the course task K-2, which provides a single action on the destination of the ship into the sea. In addition, the ship conducted exercises in damage control, radiation, chemical and biological protection of the ship into the sea.
"Eugene Kocheshkov" and with it the same type MDKVP "Mordovia" - are in service with the Baltic Fleet and is the world's largest amphibious hovercraft. MDKVP "Eugene Kocheshkov" - the small landing hovercraft project 12322 "Zubr". Designed for reception with fitted or unequipped shore amphibious assault units with military equipment, transport by sea, landing on the coast of the enemy fire support desantiruemye troops. Because of the design features of the air cushion can move on the ground, avoiding the small obstacles (ditches and trenches) and minefields, move through the swamps and landed troops in the depth of the enemy defense. For MDKVP "Zubr" is available for the landings to 70 per cent of the total length of the coastline of the seas and oceans of the world.

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