Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New Zealand Frigate To Work With Combined Maritime Forces

HMNZS TE KAHA berthed in Istanbul after participating in Gallipoli centenary commemorations.

Frigate HMNZS Te Kaha is to be attached to the Combined Maritime Forces fleet carrying out maritime security operations in the Gulfs of Oman and Aden and the Indian Ocean region for about a month from mid May.
CMF is a multi-national partnership established to promote maritime security, stability, and prosperity in a large area of international waters. Its main focus areas are defeating terrorism, preventing piracy, reducing illegal activities, and promoting a safe maritime environment.
The Commander Joint Forces New Zealand, Major General Tim Gall, said the mission shows New Zealand as an international citizen, playing our part in maintaining global security.
“By providing military assets in support of the Coalition we are showing the New Zealand Government’s commitment to stability in the region,” he said.
The ship’s Commanding Officer, Commander Simon Griffiths, said that he and his crew were looking forward to the deployment.  “Everyone on board has worked very hard to be ready for this task and we’re pleased to be getting on with it,” he said.
The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) has frequently deployed naval assets and personnel to CMF operations. Last year a New Zealand officer commanded CMF’s Combined Task Force 151 (CTF-151) for three months and in late 2013 TE KAHA’s sister ship TE MANA deployed to the area for three months conducting counter-piracy operations for CTF-151 and NATO’s Operation Ocean Shield.

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