Sunday, July 26, 2015

On the Day of the Navy on board communication "Yuri Ivanov," St. Andrew's flag is raised

Russian Navy


St. Andrew's flag is raised for the first time on the new board communication project 18280 "Yuri Ivanov" during the celebration of Navy Day
It is reported by the press service of the Baltic Fleet.  
"In the course of the naval parade in the Baltic and on the newest ship connection" Yuri Ivanov ", built for the Russian Navy, St. Andrew's flag is raised. Since then, the ship will be included in the combat strength of the Russian Navy and later continued his service in the Northern Fleet, "- said the press service of BP, received by Interfax-Military News Agency on Tuesday.
It notes that in the near future, "Yuri Ivanov" will take place in the parade of ships, being formed at the exit of the KSC in Baltiysk.
The vessel is due "Yuri Ivanov" - the lead vessel of the project due to lay 18280. "Severnaya Verf" December 27, 2004 and launched on 30 September 2013. The ship is designed JSC "Central Design Bureau" Iceberg ". The displacement of the ship - more than 4,000 tons, the cruising range - not less than 8 thousand. Miles, the crew - 120 people.
Ha ship, which is designed for communication, provided light anti-aircraft weapons. The ship on its performance characteristics and capabilities considerably superior to similar vehicles of previous generations. Its main feature - the versatility and high level of automation and systems integration.
The press service of the Baltic Fleet, made it clear in the Baltic during the celebration of the Navy July 26 parade and military-sports festival will be attended by some 30 warships, submarines, boats, fast boats and support vessels, more than 15 pieces of military equipment and more than two thousand soldiers BF.

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