Friday, July 17, 2015

SNSZ Shipyard launches R1650 "Rondo" series fast patrol cutter for FSB

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SNSZ Shipyard
July 17, 2015 - Average Nevsky Shipyard (included in the United Shipbuilding Corporation) launched the construction for the needs of the Border Service of the Federal Security Service head boat project R1650 "Rondo".
Multi-crew boat patrol displacement of 27 tons for the tasks of patrol and inspection service, incurring duty in designated areas, delivery and removal spetspersonala ship to be inspected, groups spetspersonala transport, cargo, rescue people in areas incurring duty.

SNSZ Shipyard
Hull is made of steel, which allows the use of Vessel melkobitom ice, but the cabin and deck - made of composite materials, making it possible to significantly reduce the total weight of the vessel, and thus reduce its draft, which allows under shoaling waters to exploit it at shallow depths.

SNSZ Shipyard
The crew of the boat is 3 person seating capacity - 9 people. The boat is capable of high speeds up to 19 knots at maximum power Ch. engines (40 km / h), full speed cruising range of 220 miles, with a cruising range of economic speed (10 knots) - 500 miles. Autonomy reserves of provisions and water for the crew (3 persons) is 15 days for the crew and spetspersonala passengers (12 people) is - 5 days.
After launching the boat will initiate a mooring and sea trials, after which the ship will be delivered to the customer.

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