Saturday, August 1, 2015

Colombia, Brazil and Peru working to protect the Amazon

Colombian Navy

Cartagena July 31, 2015 - Colombia's National Army, the Navy of Peru and the Brazilian Navy made the Bracolper 2015 operation, which takes place on the Amazon from Leticia-Colombia to Manaus-Brazil, through Peru.
This operation, which takes place annually, aims to create and strengthen ties of friendship and mutual cooperation for the benefit of the riverine populations, strengthening interoperability with riverine units in public areas border on the Amazon river.
In version 41 of this operation, with the protection of water systems in the Amazon seeks to participate vessels from three countries: Brazil "NASH Oswaldo Cruz", "NPAFLU Rondonia", "NPAFLU Pedro Teixeira", the Peruvian units "BAP Loreto", "BAP Maranon" and by Navy ships Colombia "ARC Leticia" and "ARC Igaraparana." 
The operation is divided into three phases comprising scrolling ports Leticia - Colombia - Horse Concha-Peru and Hands - Brazil, where practices exercises and naval communications are formations semáforas flares light load transfer and rapid reaction, among others.
The naval operation Bracolper is conducted since 1974 by the navies of the three countries bordering Brazil - Colombia and Peru, who through common agreements united to safeguard the waterways of the Amazon, in order to fight in the border rivers and common illegal activities such as drug trafficking, illegal mining and environmental exploitation. 
La Armada Nacional, en cabeza de la Fuerza Naval del Sur continuará estrechando lazos de cooperación con los países vecinos con el fin de reforzar las capacidades de sus unidades a flote protegiendo la Amazonia Colombiana desde donde convergen las fronteras de Ecuador, Perú y Brasil. 

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