Saturday, August 1, 2015

Ministry of Defence has identified the causes of the series of air crashes


Moscow July 31, 2015 - Accidents recently revealed a number of systemic problems in ensuring aviation armed forces, including personnel, a spokesman for the Defense Ministry.
"The Defense Ministry analyzed ... in connection with the recent air accidents. Identified" bottlenecks ", especially in the preparation of technical and flight personnel", - quotes the representative agency Interfax.
He recalled that 5-6 years ago in aviation units have been large cuts have been sharply limited set of cadets in flying and aviation engineering school. Recently admission to these institutions restored, but to complete the training of such specialists need 5-6 years, he added. "The first young aeronautical engineer and pilot of the first to be released from our universities only in 2018" - a spokesman said.
According to him, to fix the staffing situation considered various options, including the return of the troops earlier dismissed specialists and the ability to accelerate the release of specialists from universities. However, the decision has yet been taken.
In addition, according to him, the problem of personnel in the air force and effect several years ago adopted the decision to reduce the status of technical staff. Previously, these specialists were in officer positions were then translated into the category of warrant officers, and then completely sergeants on contract service. "But this is all people with higher education!" - He added.
Military officials said that over 10 years in the Armed Forces Aviation occurred 83 accidents and disasters. "This year - is not the worst in this respect. And, for example, in 2014 there were only two incidents of flight," - he said.
According to the Defense Ministry, the problem is compounded by the fact that military aircraft began to fly more, and in that the weight began to come new technology.
Earlier Voennoe.RF survey of experts on the possible causes of frequent accidents.

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