Tuesday, September 1, 2015

"The Syrian Express" - Russian Ships Delivering Support to Assad Regime

Six Russian landing ships are on a regular supply run between Black Sea ports of Russia, mainly Novorossiysk and Tartus in Syria. The only chance to examine them up close is during their transit of the Bosphorus in Turkish waters. 

Here is the list of ships used so far in 2015.

Project 775M

RFS Azov

Project 775

RFS Aleksandr Otrakovskiy (rusnavy.com photo)

RFS Aleksandr Shabalin

RFS Novocharkassk

RFS Tsezar Kunikov 

RFS Yamal 

Project 1171

RFS Nikolay Filchenkov

RFS Saratov

Photos and transit information courtesy of the authoritative Bosphorus Naval News except where noted.

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