Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Chinese naval vessels for the first time through the Kiel Canal

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October 14, 2015 People Germany North River on October 13 electricity has just concluded visit to Poland Chinese naval fleet to 152 ships from the Baltic Sea on the 12th local time Kiel Canal into the Elbe in Germany and eventually into the North Sea through. This is the first time Chinese naval vessels through the Kiel Canal.
Kiel Canal, also known as the German North Sea - Baltic Sea Canal, in northern Germany, it brunsb├╝ttel west of the mouth of the Elbe Port, east of the port of Kiel Bay Hall Abtenau, across Jutland, ends each provided with a lock, a total length of 53.3 sea miles, the North Sea to the Baltic Sea is the most efficient, most economical and most convenient route. According to Miao Hong, head of fleet command groups, from the passing ships in the North Sea to the Baltic Sea than bypass Danish Great Belt save 370 sea miles from the Kiel Canal through.
Local time 13:00, 3 Ming Jier canal formation Jinan pilot boarded the ship, Yiyang ship, Qiandaohu ship, leading the fleet together through the canal. 2 pm, formation Gejian turn into Kiel lock. Along the way, local residents in the past on the river and the canal boats have waved to the ship's officers, many ships have also to take pictures as the background.
23:30, fleet passed the Kiel Canal, canal arrival Nishiguchi brunsb├╝ttel Koger lock. Next, the North Sea fleet will enter through the Elbe, through Dover, the English Channel, the Bay of Biscay by Hang large waves area, go to Lisbon, Portugal for a friendly visit.
152 Jinan ship through the Kiel Canal Bridge
Jinan-ship and ship through the canal Yiyang
Yiyang 548 ships through the canal
Canal Night
Ships left the Canal

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