Thursday, October 15, 2015

India will adopt its own nuclear submarine construction

India will adopt the first nuclear submarine Arihant private buildings in February 2016. This was reported today Tass, referring to the newspaper "Indian Express".
According to an unnamed military source publication, "had previously been successfully completed sea trials of the submarine on the high seas." "In the near future will start the last test, in which rockets will be launched on board the Arihant», - he added.
It is expected that within a month, will be launched first subsonic Indian cruise missile medium-range / 1 thous. Km / Nirbhay / »Nirbhay" / class "surface-to-surface", as well as India's first ballistic missile submarine / with a range of up to 700 km /.
Arihant submarine has a displacement of about 6 thousand. Tons and is capable of speeds under water up to 30 knots.
The task of creating its own nuclear submarine require investments of the order of 2.9 billion dollars. Command of the Indian Navy has already received a "green light" to order two more submarines of the same class. In the future, we consider the possibility to bring their total number to five.
Currently in service with the Indian Navy is already a member of the nuclear submarine "Nerpa". It was received from Russia for rent for 10 years in April 2012 and was named Chakra..

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