Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Service Members and Veterans Differ in Opinion on Whether or Not the United States Should Be More Involved in the Middle East

Boston November 10, 2015 - RallyPoint and Rasmussen Reports teamed up to conduct a survey of 1,473 military adults between October 25, 2015 and November 2, 2015. With ISIS escalating terror in the Middle East, service members and veterans were asked about U.S. involvement overseas.
Service members and veterans of the Air Force were most likely to say that the U.S. is too involved in the Middle East compared to other branches. Respondents who said the U.S. is "too involved":

  • Air Force - 44%
  • Army - 36%
  • Navy - 32%
  • Marine Corps - 28%

Service members and veterans of the Marine Corps and Navy were more likely to say that US should be more involved. Respondents who said the U.S. is "not involved enough":

  • Marine Corps - 46%
  • Navy - 42%
  • Army - 38%
  • Air Force - 37%

There was also a difference in opinion between active service members and reservists. More reservists (46%) believe that the US is not involved enough, compared to those who are active duty (36%).

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