Monday, November 30, 2015

Two fast patrol boats of the new generation of "Raptor" will be part of the Russian Navy

November 16, 2015 - Two patrol boats of the new generation of "Raptor" (Project 03160), completing a series of 8 units built now "Pella" (St. Petersburg) for the Navy (Navy) Russia, after the factory running and state tests to the end of November will the Navy. The last of these was launched on November 14 this year
Patrol boats "Raptor" designed to perform in the light and the dark problems of delivering marine units of about 20 people and provide them as fast landing.
Boats can effectively perform the functions of incurring duty in designated areas of maritime, interception and detention of sea targets, operations to rescue people in areas incurring duty.
"Raptor" is also capable of performing the task of defending points-based ships (ships) from the attacks of small surface, air and ground purposes in vulnerable raids.
Patrol boats "Raptor" to perform tasks in the near sea area at a distance of 100 nautical miles from the basing points. Equally boats of this project can be effectively used in the offshore and in the areas of straits, estuaries.

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